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How to remove a wireless network that is currently configured on your device.


Most devices "remember" wireless networks they have previously joined, and will automatically connect to the first one they see.

If your device is configured for IllinoisNet, but also still remembers other University wireless networks (such as IllinoisNet_Guest), it may automatically connect to the wrong one and negatively impact your experience.  To remedy this, tell your device to "forget" unwanted networks using the instructions on this page.


To forget an unwanted wireless network (e.g. IllinoisNet_Guest) on an Android device:

  1. Open Settings and select Wi-Fi.  This displays a list of all available wireless networks.
    •  Image
      • Android Forget 1

  2. Long-press the unwanted network, and choose "Forget network".
    •  Image
      • Android Forget 2

  3. Verify that the forgotten network no longer displays "Connected" or "Saved".
    •  Image
      • Android Forget 3

The above screenshots are taken from stock Android 5.1, but most other Android versions should be fairly similar.

iPhone or iPad


  1. Open "Settings" Applications
    • Image
      • IOS1

  2. Next to the SSID that you wish to "Forget" Click the small Blue "i"
    • Image
      • IOS2

  3. On the following page click "Forget this Network"
    • Image
      • IOS3

  4. Confirm that you wish to forget it

Mac OS X

To forget an unwanted wireless network (e.g. IllinoisNet_Guest) on a Mac OS X computer:

  1. Open System Preferences and select Network, or (alternatively) click the wifi icon in the menu bar and choose "Open Network Preferences..."
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget 1

  2. Click Advanced, and select the Wi-Fi tab.
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget 2

  3. Select the unwanted network from the list of Preferred Networks, and click the minus sign to remove it from the list.
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget 3

  4. Optional: while you're here, you may wish to also consider
    • un-checking "Remember networks this computer has joined".
      This makes it more difficult to accidentally put IllinoisNet_Guest back on the list, but it also means you'll need to come back to this screen and manually click the plus sign when you want to add a new preferred network (such as a home wireless network).
    • selecting the 802.1X tab to see if any profiles are currently installed.
      If so, and if you need to remove one, see the additional instructions further down (note that this is not necessary just to forget IllinoisNet_Guest)
      •  Image
        • Mac 802.1X

  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Apply.
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget 4

  7. At this point your device might still be connected to the unwanted network.  If so, Turn Wi-Fi Off and then Turn Wi-Fi On again, and it should automatically reconnect to a Preferred Network (e.g. IllinoisNet) if available.
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget 5

If you also need to delete a previously installed profile (i.e. because something went wrong and you want to start over from the very beginning of the setup process):

  1. Open System Preferences and select Profiles (note: Profiles may not appear if you don't have any profiles installed).
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget Profile 1

  2. Select the unwanted profile, and click the minus sign.
    •  Image
      • Mac Forget Profile 2

  3. Click Remove.

The above screenshots are taken from 10.10.5 Yosemite, but other recent Mac OS versions should be fairly similar.


Windows 10:

  1. Click your Wireless Icon locate in your notification bar
  2. Click on "Network Settings"
    • Image
      • WIN101

  3. Click on the SSID that you wish to forget
    • Image
      • WIN102

  4. Click on "Forget"
    • Image
      • WIN103

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