Networking, Contacts Database, How do I add remove or change info in CDB?

I am not allowed to create or remove items in Contacts Database. How do I get rid of something or request an item be added? I have a lot of changes I need to make and doing them one at a time is terribly time-consuming and inefficient. Is there a faster or easier way?


If you need to delete a network from CDB, please create a ticket and assign it to UIUC-TechServices-Network Operations for decommissioning. There are steps that need to be taken before a network can be removed from CDB that they need to process before this can be done.

If you need to delete a domain from CDB, please create a ticket and assign it to UIUC-TechServices-Hostmgr or send an email with the request to There are steps they need to take before a domain can be completely removed from CDB in order to avoid issues.

Email for any other additions or deletions (with the exception of networks and domains) you need to make in CDB if you don't have change permissions on the item. Note: you must be listed as someone with change permissions on the item in question to request deletions.

If you need change permissions, please request that either from someone on the item who already has change permissions or, if no such person exists, from the CDB Administrator. This permission will allow you to change contacts and permissions on the item in question.

To add a new item to the Contacts Database, please include:
-The name of the item.
-The type of item (network, network device, service, server, router/switch, domain)
-A description of the item (if a service, what does it do? If a server, what is it used for/what is hosted on it? Who or what is the URL for?)
-IP address or URL (if applicable)
-netid and name of Contacts (who should be contacted in the event of a problem with this item? This cannot be set by AD Group, but contact groups can be created in CDB. Just send the desired name of the group you wish to create and the email alias, as well as a list of  netids for members and who (by netid) should have edit access to the Contact Group.)
-netid and name of user who should have permissions (who can edit the entry, who can add contacts, etc. This can be done by AD Group, just include the SAMAccountName of the group in question)

If desired, you can also include:
-Support Hours (UIUC Business Hours, Business Hours and Weekends, 24/7)
-Criticality (Low, Medium, High)
-Location (if applicable. E.g. where is the server located? Mail code, building name or number will suffice)
-Dependencies (if any): If the server the URL is hosted on is down, is it still available? What about the building network?

If you have multiple changes to make (for instance, an employee has left and their support duties are being taken on by another employee) you can also request those changes be done for you by the service administrator. Include a list of the items you want changed, their type (network, system, service) and the types of changes you want made (for instance, please replace user1 with user2). Again, you must have edit permissions on the items you wish to have changed.


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