Virtual Hosting, Veeam Backup Self-Service Portal

Instructions on Veeam Backup self-service VM recovery

Veeam Backup Self-Service


The Veeam Backup and Replication software used by Technology Services has the ability to allow customers to access to their Virtual Machine backups whenever they like via a web portal.  Customers have the ability to restore a single file or an entire VM.  

By default, you will only be able to perform an entire VM restore.  The existing Virtual Machine will be powered off and replaced with the copy from backup based on the restore point that is selected.
If you wish to have file-level recovery or to be able to have Microsoft SQL database recovery, please contact us.

Login permissions

Access to login to the Veeam Backup and Replication website is controlled with Active Directory permissions.  The same AD group used for vCenter Virtual Machine folder permissions is used for Veeam backup and restore permissions as well.  Please contact us if you wish to modify who has permissions to your VM backups.

Login Site

Access to perform Self-Service operations is done through a web portal.
Enter your Active Directory credentials to login:

How do I Restore my VM?

Instructions on how to restore a VM can be found at this link:

How do I Restore a single file?

Instructions on how to restore a file from you Virtual Machine:

How do I restore an SQL Database:

Instructions on how to restore an SQL Database can be found here: