FormBuilder - Edit Form Contents: How To Create Radio Button Questions

Create questions using radio buttons.

Problem:  Create questions using radio buttons, so that the user can select one and only one option.


1. Navigate to the Dashboard

2. Click on Edit Form Contents link in the Form Contents section

Edit Form Content

3. Click on Edit Questions (you will be able to reorder your questions after setting up your question).

Click Edit Questions

4. Click Add Question

click add question

5. Set up your question:

Field Name = give this field a name (which is not displayed to the user)

Question Text = The actual question which will display on your form

Additional Instructions = optional (this information will display below your question)

Is Required = Check this box if this is a mandatory field that you want the user to enter; leave unchecked to make this field optional

Is Active = This checkbox must be checked for the user to see this field on the form

Type = This is a drop-down box with many options.  Select Radio Button

Note:  The user will only be able to select one option.  If you the user the ability to select multiple options, then change this question to a check box.
Type drop down list

Allow "Other" Option = Check this box if you want a free form field to display below your radio buttons

Choice Name = Name of the Radio Button

Choice Value = Value of the Radio Button (normally, these are the same)

Then click Add Item to include this radio button option.  Continue to enter a Choice Name, Choice Value and then Add Item for each radio button you want to display

This question is triggered by another question's value = Check this check box only if you want your radio button options to display based on the answer of another question previously created

Click SAVE when done

6. This is how the Edit Question section will display:

Set up your question

7. Sample of Choice Name and Choice Value display after being entered

choice name and choice value

8.  You can reorder these values by moving the symbol (to the left of the radio button Vegan)  up or down 

9. Click SAVE

10.  At this point, you can select the following options:

Click Add Question to enter an additional  radio button question or other types of questions

Click Edit to modify your current question

Click Delete to remove this question. 

Click COPY to copy the same question or another question, then click Paste Copied Question, to quickly create a new question.

Click Reorder Questions to move your questions in the sequence order you want

Radio button names and values completed

11.  Here's what the radio button question will look like on your form:

What the radio button questions look like in FormBuilder

If you have any questions, please contact AITS FormBuilder at

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