Illinois Compass 2g, Adding Kaltura content

How to add Kaltura Media to Illinois Compass 2g

Kaltura Media

Kaltura is a multimedia database and distribution engine similar to YouTube. Via Kaltura you can control who sees videos, either through netid restriction in Media Space or through the course access controls of Compass 2g. Media is uploaded and stored in the cloud and connected to the uploaders netid. Kaltura allows us to keep large video files out of the Compass database, thus improving performance in the LMS.

Instructors can integrate Kaltura Media into their Compass 2g spaces either in-line within a Content Area using the Mashup tool or through the Media Gallery tool. Each method of presentation has benefits, and the choice to use one over the other (or both) depends upon how you wish to use media in your course.

  • The Mashup method (or in-context media) is useful if you want to embed a micro-lecture or short tutorial on a page with additional contextual information. 
    • Pages with Kaltura videos embedded may be restricted to netids (allowing group video work and secure feedback to students) or open to everyone in the class. A use case for this might be a class that requires students to submit a video that only the instructor sees, and the instructor offers video feedback to the student(s) that you don't want everyone else to see. 
    • Mashup videos are harder to locate in a search but offer more context and viewing controls.
    • Analytics on student views of Mashup videos are not available via the Media Gallery tool.
    • Captioned content in Mashups are not searchable from the Media Gallery
  • The Media Gallery tool is visible to everyone that has access to the course space and is a useful tool for quick and easy posting of media. 
    • Students know where to find the videos but they are only presented in a list view.
    • Analytics on viewing are available to faculty in aggregate for the content in channel. 
    • Easiest way to add and display content.
    • Students can add content to the gallery for everyone else to see (introductions, assignments, peer review, etc)

Mashup Tool

To add Kaltura media in-line using the Mashup tool, navigate to a Content Area, mouse over Build Content and select Kaltura Media.


On the next page, you can select any media you or one of your co-publishers may have previously uploaded to Illinois Media Space, or you can click on Add New from the top right to add a new video.


After selecting the video you would like to use, give the link to the video a title, and you can optionally add a description as well. Click Submit. The description field allows you to build additional context around the media file, or to add another media asset to the page. 

Media Gallery

The Media Gallery tool can be added to the Course Menu, and all users in the course can post media to the Media Gallery. Moderator approval is turned on by default. The Media Gallery is similar to a Channel in Media Space, media can be added and presented to students and captioned content is searchable. In the case of Compass, only netids that can log in to the course space can see the Media Gallery. 

Note: Any content in the Media Gallery is visible to all students in the course. 

The Media Gallery is a good option if you want an easy to find location for videos. By default videos are presented newest to oldest, but a viewer may change how they are displayed (though the change in view settings is temporary). 

Note: Content in the Media Gallery must be placed there specifically. If you use a Mashup tool to embed the video in a page, it will NOT appear in the Media Gallery automatically, you would need to add it to the Gallery as well.

To add a link to the Media Gallery in the Course Menu, mouse over the plus sign in the upper left corner of the Course Menu, and select Tool Link.


Type Media Gallery in the Text Box, select Media Gallery from the drop-down menu, and tick the checkbox to make the link available to users. Then click Submit.

Media Gallery

Moderation is turned on in the Media Gallery by default. When Moderation is enabled, only pre-defined netids (such as course staff ) may post directly to the Gallery. If a student attempts to post to the Media Gallery when moderation is enabled, course managers will receive an email telling them the video is held for their review. Moderation of course galleries allows faculty the most flexibility in how they present media content. 

If you wish to allow students to publish to the course Media Gallery (use cases may include assignment submissions, commentary, introductions in small classes, et al) you will need to turn off Moderation for the Gallery. To turn off Moderation, click Actions > Edit, and remove the check from the box labeled “Moderate Content,” and click Submit.

Only course staff can see the Actions button to edit the gallery or view analytics.

Edit Media Gallery


To add content to the Media Gallery, select the Add to Channel button. 
Add to Channel

You will then see a list on media you have uploaded to Kaltura (My Media) or you can upload a new media file (Add New)

Add New

Select the video(s) you wish to add to the Media Gallery (also referred to as a Channel) via the checkbox next to the video/audio entry and then select Publish
Select Media

If you wish to publish a video/audio file that you do not own but that someone else has shared with you, select the arrow next to View Media I Own and select View Media I Can Publish. This will present you with a list of shared media. 

View Media I Can Publish

Once you select Publish, the media will appear in the Gallery. 

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