ATLAS Directory

The ATLAS Directory application allows faculty to enter their own CV and other professional information into an organized database structure which then can function as a listing of faculty members and their respective departments. The data collected from this application can also be used on departmental websites.

These tutorials may be most helpful when read in order, but that isn't necessary in order to use information from a single tutorial. These tutorials apply to various kinds of users: department members, managers, and webmasters. For more information on which tutorial applies to which kind of user, check the document, it should state which users it applies to. 

For Department Members

ATLAS Directory - Initial Profile Setup

ATLAS Directory - Upload Photo / CV

ATLAS Directory - Edit User Profile

For Department Managers

ATLAS Directory – Adding Attributes

ATLAS Directory –Adding and Removing Users, and Area Affiliations

ATLAS Directory – Editing Other User’s Profiles and Basic Information

For General Members

ATLAS Directory - Proxy Permissions