Electronic Directory, Editing a Group Alias

I'd like an email sent to our group alias to be sent to several people or need to update our department information.

How do I arrange for group alias email to be sent to several people?

First, choose whether you want a mailing list (where email is sent to many people at their individual addresses) or a group email address (where many people can visit one mailbox).

Then create a mailing list or a group email address, as described above.

Once you have one of these account types set up, you can put the email address of your mailing list or group email in the "email" field of the group alias entry.

At this point, when a user sends email to youralias@illinois.edu, it will be sent to the mailing list or group email address you specified.

How do I update the information in a group or unit alias?

Originally, unit entries were updated using information from the University paper phone book. Technology Services no longer automatically updates these entries with the phonebook data; instead, someone within the unit is authorized to be the "proxy" for the entry.

Anyone who is given proxy authorization for an entry can edit the entry using the Electronic Directory Editor (https://ede.cites.illinois.edu/). More than one person can be given proxy authorization for the same entry.

The following fields are editable by the proxy; any other fields will need to be updated by techservices-iamu@illinois.edu.


Some fields cannot be edited by the proxy-authorized user and will need to be updated by techservices-iamu@illinois.edu, including the "phone" and "address" fields (which will be removed from the entry and replaced with the proxy-editable "other_phone" and "other_address" fields) and the "name" field.

How does someone receive proxy authorization to edit group or unit aliases?

If you would like to become the proxy or designate someone as the proxy, please provide the alias of the unit entry (or entries) and the NetID(s) of the individual(s) that will be authorized to edit these entries.

If you need to have a non-proxy editable field updated, include this information in your request.
Email this information to techservices-iamu@illinois.edu.