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Overview and description of Unit Security Contacts (USC), how to designate someone as a USC, and where to find more information.

What is a USC?

A Unit Security Contact (USC) is a person(s) who can submit requests for access to university enterprise systems on the behalf of others for their college/department.

The Unit Security Contact Program (USC Program) was developed and implemented during the mainframe days. At that time it was necessary to have a central point of contact within each department/unit to coordinate and submit mainframe access requests to Administrative Information Systems and Services (AISS). The central point of contact would help to ensure staff within the department/unit knew who could get their mainframe access established and AISS (now known as Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS)) would know who within the department/unit had authorization to submit mainframe access requests.

Since the Deans/Directors/Department Heads are responsible for their department/unit, it was determined by default Deans/Directors/Department Heads would be the Primary Unit Security Contacts (USCs). Knowing the schedules and other commitments of the Deans/Directors/Department Heads could adversely impact staffs’ ability to obtain the mainframe access they needed in a timely manner, it was determined it would be beneficial to allow for the Deans/Directors/Department Heads to appoint others to act in their behalf and the Primary USC designation was created. Also, it was determined the Backup USC (who would have the same authorization as the Primary USC) designation would be needed in case the Primary USC was unavailable.

With the implementation of the Enterprise Systems the role of the Primary and Backup USCs has become increasingly important to help ensure the various Enterprise Systems accesses granted to their department’s/unit’s users is appropriate, authorized and reviewed annually.

To be a primary USC the dean, director, or department head must designate the primary. The primary USC can designate the backup USC(s).  The duties and responsibilities are the same for both primary and backup the only difference is how they are appointed.

Who is My USC?

The Find my USC page will display a list of all Unit Security Contacts at the university, sorted by college and department.  You will need to log in with your NetID to view the list.

How to Designate a USC for a College/Department

If there is not USC in the office, the Dean, Director or Department Head will need to designate an individual to be a primary USC.

If an additional USC needs to be added (backup) or a change needs made to the current Primary USC, the Dean, Director, Department Head or current primary USC will need to notifiy AITS System Access Management of the individual who will be added, or will replace the current USC.

In both instances, they will need to email System Access Managment with the following information for the employee:

  • UIN
  • Enterprise ID
  • ORG Code


For more information, visit the USC website (NetID login required)

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