ATLAS VacSick - Homepage

Here are tutorials and documentation for the ATLAS VacSick application - a tool used to track, approve, and report on employee vacation and sick leave.


  • Basic Users  -- track vacation and sick leave, submit leave reports

  • Managers  -- includes Basic User permissions, approve leave reports as a supervisor

  • Administrator -- includes Basic User and Manager permissions, edit employee settings and reports, give administrative approval, add users, send mass e-mail, and add campus holidays. 

Basic user

ATLAS VacSick - How to enter leave

ATLAS VacSick - How to delete entered leave 

[Link for document 64307 is unavailable at this time.]

ATLAS VacSick - Submit leave report

ATLAS VacSick - View your balances

ATLAS VacSick - Enter FMLA leave


ATLAS VacSick - View and approve employee reports 

ATLAS VacSick - View employee leave

Administrative Users

ATLAS VacSick - Add Leave Viewer

ATLAS VacSick - Turn on FMLA for employee

ATLAS VacSick - Add campus holiday

ATLAS VacSick - Update Banner leave

ATLAS VacSick - Manage organization groups

ATLAS VacSick - Choose reporting quarter