Illinois Compass 2g, Use Respondus to Print an Online Test

Respondus is Windows-only software that can be used to create a print copy of an online test.

See Illinois Compass 2g, Use Respondus to Retrieve Test Questions for instructions on how to download Respondus and use it to retrieve an online test from Illinois Compass 2g

Once you retrieve the test navigate to the Preview & Publish tab and select the Print options from the left.

Print options

Select an option: exam or exam with answer key or answer key only
Click the settings button to the right to further adjust the settings.
Click the edit headers button to modify the text that will appear at the top of each page.
To print multiple variations of the exam (with randomized question orders in each), change the pull-down list to the desired number of exam variations.
Click the print preview button to display the text of the exam output in a window.
Click the save to File button to save the exam to MS Word, Rich Text Format or Text format
Click the send to printer button to print the exam directly.