Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, How instructors can share files that students can see but not download

Instructors using Illinois Compass 2g or Canvas can use the U of I service to share documents with students but prevent the downloading of the documents being shared. Instructors must upload the file to the U of I service, configure the sharing options, then copy and paste a link to the document in Compass or Canvas.

UofI Box

New users to UofI can log in at: 
Once the file is uploaded to U of I, click on the document to view it and then click the Share button in the upper right corner.
  1. On the popup window that appears toggle "Create shared link"
  2. Click the "Invited people only" drop down and select "People with the link"
  3. Click the drop down labeled "Can view and download" and select "Can view only"
  4. Click the button labeled "Copy" to copy the URL


  1. Add the link from Box as an External Link to a module:

Compass 2g

  1. Navigate to your Compass course page and go to a Content Area.
  2. Select Build Content > Weblink.
  3. Give the Weblink a name and paste the link from UofI Box into the URL field.
    Click Submit.

Students that click on the link will be brought to the page to view the document but will not be able to download it.