Illinois Compass 2g, Creating a Sign-up sheet using the Wiki Tool

Creating a sign-up sheet involves creating a Wiki inside of Compass using the Wiki tool. A Wiki in Compass is a page (or pages) that everyone in the class can edit. Instructors have to 1) create a link to the wiki tool 2) create the wiki, then 3) create the page and a table for students to type their names next to the time slots they want to sign up for.

Go to the plus sign in the upper left of the course menu and select Tool Link:
Select Wikis from the drop-down menu, type Sign-up in the text box, and tick the checkbox to make the link available:
After you click on the “Sign-up” link you made press the “Create Wiki” button – type in a name for the Wiki and some simple directions, leave the rest of the default settings for the Wiki as they are and click Submit. Once the Wiki is created, click the "Create Wiki Page" button to make a page with a table that students can type their names into. See the screenshot below which indicates the button you use to toggle from within the editor to make a table:
Table Button
For a sign-up sheet, most Instructors will want to create at least a 2 column table with enough rows so that each student or group can sign up for a time (plus an optional row to name the columns “Name” and “Date/Time”). After clicking the table button a popup window appears that lets you set the number of rows and columns, it is also recommended that you set the Border to 1 to make it easier to read:
Table Properties
Once the table is made you can type in Dates/Times in to the Column.
Edit Table
After submitting the page students can navigate to the Wiki and click the Edit Wiki Content button to sign up for a time by typing their name into the table.
Edit Wiki Content