Lecture Capture, Crestron Capture HD operation

Directions on the use of the Crestron Capture HD to record in a classroom

Recording with the Capture HD

The following will guide you through the use of the Crestron Capture HD. There are only a few rooms that have this recording device at this time (Fall 2016): 
  • ASL 150
The following assumes you have a basic understanding of how to operate the AV system in your classroom. Please see the Technology Enhanced Classrooms Building List for information about classroom systems.

The basics

  • The Crestron Capture HD is set to record audio from the room (microphone audio) and will record what is projected in the room (PC, laptop, DVD, document camera, etc). 
  • There is no camera connected to the Capture HD.
  • Even if you mute the projector in the room, the box will record the selected source.
  • Files are recorded as 720p (1280x720) .mp4 files, with the projector view filling the screen. Files are recorded at 1Mbps (so 1 hour of recording will consume 450 MB)
  • You MUST bring your own USB key to record. There is no internal storage on these devices.
  • After class you will remove the usb key and then upload it online.
  • You must use the microphone if you want your voice recorded.
  • Your USB drive must be formatted as FAT32. (How to see if your drive is FAT32)
  • The recorded .mp4 files on your USB drive may have an odd creation date. These recorders need network access to set the time, and not all of them were put on the network. It is possible the creation date may read 1970 or 1971. This is ok though it may cause confusion. We recommend you rename the files to something that makes sense to you.

CaptureSpace Lite


1. Turn on the classroom AV system and connect/select the source you wish to project and record.
2. Insert your USB drive into the USB slot
3. When you are ready to record, select the REC button on the front panel (left side, with the circle). The REC button will light in RED.
- You may pause the recording at any point, but you will need to unpause it to continue. 
(None of the other front panel buttons should be enabled so you may ignore them.)
- When recording you should see a green level bar on the left of the LCD display, indicating an audio source is present. It may not lower and raise based on the volume levels, so don't worry if you don't see it change.
4. When you are done recording, hit the STOP button (right side, with the square). DO NOT immediately remove the USB drive, if you do, the recording will not be useable or recoverable. After you select STOP, you must wait for the LCD display to say DONE. (The display may still say Recording after you have hit stop. It is writing to the drive). Once you see DONE, you may safely remove the USB drive. (Don't worry if it says Storage Flush either). This process may take 20 seconds to a minute after you hit stop.

After the recording

Now that you have the recording, you have options just like any other video file. You can edit the file using a video editor, or post it online to YouTube or Kaltura. Kaltura is the preferred method for posting instructional content at Illinois because you can secure it to campus users and protect intellectual property.

Kaltura is an easy to use video system, similar to YouTube. You can access it from Compass2g, Moodle, or Illinois MediaSpace at http://mediaspace.illinois.edu

The Knowledge Base has many articles related to Kaltura including 

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