CA Service Desk Manager - How to reopen a Ticket?

This training was designed for customer service analysts and will describe the functions required to perform the role of an analyst working with the Service Desk product to reopen tickets.

To reopen a ticket:

1. Search for the ticket you would like to reopen using the Quick Record Search.  (See Chapter 8)


2. View the ticket

3. From the Ticket Detail window, select Activities, then Update Status

A Status Change Request window will open.

4. Use the dropdown under 
New Status to choose a status of In Progress from the list of provided statuses.  


5. Enter the reason for reopening the ticket in the User Description field.

6. Click Save to save your changes and return to the ticket.

The activity is added to the Activities Tab.

Tip: You can also select Edit, then use the dropdown under New Status to choose from the list of provided statuses and click Save.