Kaltura, Include PowerPoint Slides in a video

There are two ways to add slides to a video you share in Kaltura.

Users should install and use Kaltura Personal Capture.  This can be done in the same way that CaptureSpace was installed, by choosing "Kaltura Personal Capture" from the "Add New" menu at mediaspace.illinois.edu, or when using Kaltura from inside Compass of Moodle. 

If you show PowerPoint slides on your desktop while recording with Kaltura Capture, they will automatically be read to be searchable and add chapters to your video.

1- Add slides to an existing video (PowerPoint only)

Once any video is in Kaltura under My Media (available through https://mediaspace.illinois.edu), you can add PowerPoint Slides to it.

Click to Edit the video, then click on the Timeline tab.  

Image of timeline highting icon to add slides.

Clicking on the small icon that looks like a page to the right of the timeline allows you to add upload slides.  You can then control the timing of the slides by dragging them on the timeline. 

You can also replace the whole slide deck later, or even individual slides.  

This will create chapters in your video corresponding to the slides, and the text will be searchable.

2- Kaltura Personal Capture Presentation & Lectures (Advanced; PowerPoint only)

1) Launch Kaltura Personal Capture.  Log in through Illinois Media Space, or access your media through Illinois Compass 2g or Learn@Illinois Moodle.   Click the Add New button in the upper-right and choose Kaltura Personal Capture from the drop-down menu. 

Choose Kaltura Capture from the Add New menu.

If you haven't installed this yet, you will be asked to choose your operating system, Windows or Mac and download the client.

2) You can record using a WebCam and also capture your screen.  Launch a PowerPoint slideshow on the screen you are capturing. 

3) Hit the red button to start recording.

4) After you "Stop" the recording, you can enter a Name for the video, which is required, and a Description.

5) “Save” will make a local copy.  "Save and Upload" will send the video to My Media. 

When the video is posted to Kaltura, it will automatically create chapters in your video for each slide, and the text on your slides will be searchable. 

If your slides are not in PowerPoint, they will still display on the desktop capture, but they might not be searchable.