BDM/Xtender - Browser Settings (IE)

Xtender requires certain desktop and browser settings in order to properly allow viewing of documents. This article describes the Internet Explorer (IE) settings that need to be on users' machines in order to best display documents in Xtender.

Problem Description:
Below are the Internet Explorer settings required for BDM/Xtender users. They should ONLY use Internet Explorer as their web browser, as that is the browser supported by the system vendor. If the IE settings aren't correct, it could prevent proper displaying of the documents or images through BDM/Xtender.

NOTE: A users's IE settings may change as a result of browser changes due to security patches. This could cause once saved settings to be changed, and the settings would need to be reverted back in order to view documents.

Common error messages received if browser settings are not correct:
1. Error: the IE browser does not support or could not load Object <classid...>
2. An error occurred during this operation

Problem Resolution:
Check the browser settings on the machine to ensure they are correct. Below is a list of common settings that may need updated.
1. Open IE and choose Internet Options from the Tools menu

internet options

2. On the General tab, click Settings


3. Choose the Every visit to the page button on the history settings window

temporary settings

4. On the Security tab, choose Custom level

custom security

In the ActiveX controls and plug-ins settings, select the following:

activex settings

5. Navigate back to the Security tab and select Trusted sites. Click the Sites button.

trusted sites

Add * to the list of trusted sites.

If the user has appropriate privileges, they should be able to see the checkbox shown below. Uncheck this box, re-open the IE session, and have the users try the operation again. They will get a security warning when they uncheck the box, but the message can be ignored.

protected mode

6. On the Advanced tab, make sure the Allow active content to run in files on My Computer is checked.

security settings

7. On the Privacy tab, check the Turn on Pop-up Blocker box at the bottom.


Then select Settings and add * to the list of sites from which to allow pop-ups. Pop-ups must be allowed from these sites in order to open Xtender in a new window.

allowable popups

8. Check the Xtender desktop components to ensure they are all installed on the machine. Instructions for checking the components, as well as how to install them can be found at:

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