Learn@Illinois Moodle - Requesting a Course Site

Learn how to request a course site for a registrar-affiliate course, a sandbox, or a development site.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleCourseRequest

Requesting a Course Site

  1. Visit learn.illinois.edu
  2. In the box on the right, click Request a Course Site.
    Note: You can also visit the course request system directly with this link to request or view the status of a request: https://courserequest.learn.illinois.edu
    Request course site
  3. Click the Request a course site button.
    Click Request a course site in the course request system
  4. Complete the course request process through the Course Site Request System. If completed successfully, you should receive a confirmation email of the request and when the course site is complete within a relatively short time frame.
    Note: If you need help requesting a course, please email us at atlas-tlt@illinois.edu with the course term, rubric, course number, section(s), and listed instructor (e.g. FA19 UWBW 100 AD Singla) for registrar-affiliated courses. If you want to copy a site from another instructor, ATLAS-TLT will need that instructor's permission. By requesting the course site, a request for permission will be automatically sent to that instructor.

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