Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using Groups with Forums

A guide to using groups with Forums in Moodle.

There are three group settings for forums:
  • No groups – There are no groups, everyone is part of one big community. 
    • Note: Small groups of students are best to facilitate sustained, meaningful discussions. We recommend groups of 5-7 active students.
  • Separate groups – Students can only see their own group. Students may not view or contribute to the discussions of other groups.
  • Visible groups – Students may view but not contribute to the discussions of other groups. 
Note: If students will be in different groups for different purposes over the course of the term, set a different grouping for each activity.

Often instructors will change from separate groups to visible groups after the due date for replies has passed. This allows students to focus on their attention on their own group discussion during the discussion period but also allows them to see what other classmates had to say.

The group mode can be changed from the Forum's "Edit settings" page (under the heading "Common Module Settings") but there is also a shortcut on your main course page.
  1. In the top right corner of the page, click Turn Editing On.
    turn editing on

  2. Click on the groups icon to toggle between settings.
     No groups
     Separate groups
     Visible groups
For more information about groups within Forums:

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