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Key Concepts

  • Commitments
ATLAS Financial Commitments is a web based application to foster communication, transparency, and accountability surrounding monetary promises between University of Illinois organizations. This application is not for requesting financial assistance from another university organization. Instead, it's to help track the already agreed upon commitments over the course of the determined commitment length. In other words, commitments only go into ATLAS Financial Commitments once both organizations have decided on the terms of the commitment outside of the ATLAS Financial Commitments application. 
  • Commitment Groups
Commitment Groups in ATLAS Financial Commitments act as a container for one or more associated university organization's financial commitments. Commitment Groups are created by ATLAS Application Development upon request from a unit. From there, ATLAS will give group administrator (explained below) permissions to the unit's point person for financial commitments. A university organization can only be associated with a single Commitment Group in ATLAS Financial Commitments; discrepancy over organization control is the responsibility of University Administration. The Commitment Group has associated users with varying permissions that are set by the Group Administrator. The users for a Commitment Group will only have access to a financial commitment if at least one of the organizations involved is associated with their Commitment Group. 
  • Associated Organization
In ATLAS Financial Commitments, an Associated Organization is a specific university recognized organization (noted by the unique six digit organization code) that is connected to an existing Commitment Group. As stated above, an organization can only be associated with a single Commitment Group.

Permissions Explained

All permissions discussed below refer to level of access that a user may have in a specific Commitment Group in ATLAS Financial Commitments. The permissions are hierarchical in structure. Every user with a permission in this list also implicitly has the permissions listed above it. For example, there's no way to be a Group Administrator without also having Read access. 
  • Read - A user with "Read" permissions can view the financial commitments for organizations associated to their Commitment Group. They cannot access or contribute to the Messages area for a financial commitment.

  • Add/Read Messages - A user with Add/Read messages permissions can access and use the Messages area in a financial commitment for organizations associated with their Commitment Group.

  • Add/Edit Commitments - A user with Add/Edit commitments permissions can create and make changes to a financial commitment involving one of the associated organization in their Commitment Group. 

  • Group Administrator -  A Group Administrator can view/add/edit financial commitments as well as create/view messages for financial commitments involving an organization associated with their Commitment Group. They may also add new users directly to the Commitment Group. 

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