Endpoint Services, Munki, Software Testing and Release Policy


This article provides information on the software testing process and when software updates are released for the Technology Services' Munki Mac Endpoint Management system.


Affected Customers


Software Testing and Promotion Process

In the normal course of business, the Endpoint Services (EPS) team is continually making available new or updated packages for the use of our clients.

The EPS team utilizes an automated system to check for and download available software updates. As these updates are automatically downloaded, they are placed into the Raw catalog. Once the EPS team has performed an initial round of testing and found no issues, the updates are promoted to the Testing catalog. It's recommended that the Testing catalog be used for the computers of IT pros or tech-savvy users for additional testing. When the next round of weekly software releases arrives, packages are promoted to the Production catalog. It's recommended that the Production catalog be used for most end-user computers.

Catalog Name: Description:
Raw Software that has been imported from the Internet. No testing has been performed.
Testing Software that has been initially tested by the EPS team and no issues were found. Recommended for IT pros or tech-savvy users.
Production Software that has passed testing. It's recommended that most end-user computers use this catalog.

Software Release Policy

The EPS team has also developed the following software update policy:

Notification of Updates

Prior to promoting packages to the Production catalog, the EPS team will send an email to the munki-announce@lists.illinois.edu mailing list every Wednesday morning with a complete list of the updates that will be promoted to the Production and Testing catalogs.

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