PIE, Redirection Plugin Deprecation

There are currently two redirection plugins available on publish.illinois.edu. To reduce duplication, we will be removing the "Redirection" plugin and supporting all redirection through the "Better Redirection" plugin. Continue reading to learn how to migrate from "Redirection" to "Better Redirection."

If you are currently using the "Redirection" plugin, you will have a menu option on your Dashboard under "Tools->Redirection." If you do not have this menu item, you will not be affected by the deprecation of the "Redirection" plugin.  

If you do have this menu item, click on the link to visit the redirection settings for your site. Some sites may have the plugin enabled, but not have any redirections defined.  If you see "No items found" on the Redirections page, you can safely disable the plugin.  If you do have items in the Redirections list, continue reading to find out how to migrate to "Better Redirection." 

  1. Visit "Tools->Redirection" from your site Dashboard
  2. Make a list of the Redirections that are currently listed for your site
  3. Choose "Plugins" from your dashboard
  4. Find "Redirection" and click "Disable"
  5. Find "Better Redirection" and click "Enable"
  6. Visit "Settings->Redirection" from your dashboard
  7. To redirect your entire Publish site to a different url, enter the target URL in the Site Redirection section at the top
  8. To redirect specific pages, use the Virtual Folder Redirection section
    1. Enter the page to be redirected in the "Virtual Folder" column
    2. Enter the target in the "Redirection" column
      1. If the target is a different page inside your Publish site, start with "~/" and then the path to the page
      2. If the target is an external site or a different publish site, enter the full url to the target page
  9. Additional rows will be added automatically once your first redirection is added
A brief Example:

To redirect "publish.illinois.edu/mysite/about" to "publish.illinois.edu/mysite/contact":

After enabling better redirection, visit "Settings->Redirection" and enter "about" in the Virtual Folder column and enter "~/contact" in the "Redirection" column.
redirection settings UI example

If you are unable to complete the migration to "Better Redirection," email consult@illinois.edu to request assistance.


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