Networking, Wireless, Connecting Belkin Wemo to IllinoisNet_Guest

This document will assist in joining the Belkin Wemo to IllinoisNet_Guest

Connecting Belkin Wemo to IllinoisNet_Guest

Tech Services has provided the following documentation on how to configure a Belkin Wemo on our WiFi network. This device is currently able to join our network; however, its security and permissions is not designed for enterprise level networks. 
  1. Open the Belkin Wemo packaging and find the MAC address of the device. In most cases the MAC address is printed on the back of the device. See example below

  2. Log into 
  3. Click on Add Device and register the MAC address in the system. Be sure to "Enable Airgroup" and put in your NETID. This will allow your phone to talk to your device.
  4. Next, download the Belkin Wemo App on your phone or tablet to set it up
  5. Power on the device. It should provide its own SSID (network name). This is only temporary and will go go away as soon as we put it on our WiFi Network
  6. On your device, connect to its SSID
  7. Once connected to the SSID, open the Belkin Wemo App. The app will automatically start scanning for your device.
  8. Once the app finds your device, it will allow you to name it and configure it. In this example, please turn off "Remember WiFi settings". This will make it easier if you wish to configure your device at home or work.

  9. On the next screen you will need to select "IllinoisNet_Guest". If you see the security warning, click OK. This is prompted because this network is an open network.

  10. The app will then try to move your Belkin Wemo to the new SSID. Once it does you will be prompted with the following settings page:

  11. Be sure to update your firmware as soon as possible. Tech Services found that old firmware may cause your device to not behave correctly.
  12. Next, select "Remote Access"
  13. Please disable "Remote Access". With this disabled, it will allow your phone to know about your devices if they are two physical locations, such as Home and Work. With this enabled the Belkin Wemo app will only show your devices based on one network.

  14. Your setup is now complete. Please verify that you have connectivity to your Belkin Wemo

  15. For any further inquires please contact the Tech Services Help Desk.

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