What is the Provisioning and Deployment Process for Staff Machines?

Documents the process for ensuring ACCC staff have access to an in-warranty machine and that retired machines are decommissioned and disposed.

Role Accountable:

Director, Budget and Finance

Roles Responsible:

Asset Coordinator, Desktop Support Technicians, Business Manager, Endpoint Management Technicians, Receiving Employee, Respective Director

Workflow Diagram:

Staff Machine Workflow

Inputs Needed:

  • Current inventory of computing devices provisioned to ACCC staff
  • Trigger when new employee cleared to start
  • Current machine configurations defined and documented

Output Created:

  • All ACCC staff have an in-warranty machine
  • Accurate and complete staff machine inventory is maintained
  • Retired machines are disposed of properly in a timely manner

Estimated Time to Completion:

  • Initiate Process and Confirm Machine Selection: 3 to 7 business days
  • Obtain Quote and Submit Order: 2 to 4 business days
  • Machine Delivery: 2 to 5 business days typically (customizations can extend this significantly)
  • Machine Configuration: 3 to 5 business days
  • Machine Set-Up: 2 to 3 business days (Scheduled)
  • Total: 12 to 24 business days

Materials and Access Needed:

  • Current inventory of all ACCC staff machines
  • Documented standard machine configurations
  • Documented standard software list

Summary of Steps:

This process has four potential entry points:

  • Current machine inventory is monitored – when machine has three months or less left on warranty coverage, initiate process.
  • New employee scheduled to start
  • Current employee’s existing machine has been evaluated by Desktop Support and found to be unrepairable
  • Current employee has a business need for an additional machine

This process has seven high-level steps:

  1. Create ACCC Admin queue ticket for new machine selection
  2. Employee and managing Director select machine from standards, or managing Director approves customization.
  3. Quote is obtained and order request submitted for purchase of selected new machine
  4. Machine is ordered and delivered
  5. Endpoint Management team images new machine (unless using Linux).
  6. On-Site Support engagement is scheduled to deliver and setup new machine and retrieve old machine (if applicable)
  7. Machine inventory updated, old machine wiped and surplused/etc

Summary of Responsibilities by Role:

  • Asset Coordinator:

    • Monitor inventory of staff machines and create ACCC Admin queue tickets for machines going out of warranty in upcoming quarter.
    • If new employee starting in existing position and in-warranty machine is allocated to the position, assign to new employee
    • Provide standard configuration options to ACCC Admin tickets requesting new machines.
    • Request quote and lead time from respective vendor for new machine purchases and submit Orders queue ticket.
    • Assign and affix property tag when new machine is delivered.
    • Hand-off machine to Endpoint Management Technicians for imaging.
    • Update inventory spreadsheet when employee signs off on receipt of new machine.
    • Receive retired machines and follow scrap process.
  • Receiving Employee:

    • If additional machine is requested, consult with respective Director and submit ticket to ACCC Admin queue documenting business need, CCing Director
    • If replacement machine, consult with respective Director to select machine from standard configurations or request customization if needed with documented business need.
    • When prompted, provide list of needed software beyond standard software list.
    • If receiving a replacement machine, ensure all necessary data is backed up and existing machine is ready to be picked up when new machine is set up.
    • When prompted, respond with availability for new machine setup appointment.
    • When prompted, provide sign-off on receipt of new machine.
  • Respective Director:

    • If new employee scheduled to start, create ticket in ACCC Admin queue, noting need for machine to be allocated.
    • Consult with employee on machine configuration needed, provide approval and business justification if customization beyond standard configurations is requested.
  • Desktop Support Technician:

    • Ensure current hardware configurations are defined and available on a managed web page.
    • If existing employee’s machine is in warranty but unrepairable, submit ticket to ACCC Admin queue, CCing employee and their director, noting the need for a replacement machine.
    • Monitor On-Site Support queue to promptly address tickets created for scheduling of setup appointment with receiving employee.
    • If machine is replacing another machine, take possession of previous machine and peripherals and drop off to Asset Coordinator.
    • Complete initial in-person setup appointment, ensuring employee has initiated encryption and Crashplan and knows how to use Box Sync.
    • Obtain sign-off from receiving employee on receipt of new machine.
  • Endpoint Management Technicians:

    • Image new machine according to standards and install/provide additional requested software.
    • Confirm in ticket when machine is received and when imaging is complete.
    • Ensure default software list is maintained and current.
  • Business Manager:

    • Submit requisitions for machine/peripherals orders
    • Update orders ticket when machine/peripherals received

Detailed Procedure Steps:

Process initiation:

  • Asset Coordinator monitors database (currently Excel spreadsheet) of existing machines issued to ACCC staff members and on a quarterly basis and identifies machines that are going out of warranty within the next month. Asset Coordinator is responsible for completing Step 1.
  • Current employee’s existing machine has been evaluated by Desktop Support and found to be unrepairable. Desktop Support is responsible for completing Step 1.
  • Manager of a new employee identifies a start date for the employee. Hiring manager is responsible for completing Step 1.
  • Current employee has a business need for an additional machine that has been approved by their Director. Respective Director is responsible for completing Step 1.
  1. Ticket is created in ACCC Admin queue in RT with the following syntax:
    • Set respective group’s Director as requestor
    • Set responsible employee (or hiring manager in case of new employee) as CC.
    • Subject line: Staff Computer for [Employee Full Name]
    • Body (for tickets initiated by hiring manager or Director):
      • Provide the selection of machine from the standard configurations found at https://answers.uillinois.edu/uic/internal/page.php?id=75178. If customizations are requested, provide details and business justification for what is being requested. Note whether the machine will run Linux (provide business need justification).
      • If submitted by a hiring manager, provide name of previous employee if new hire is filling a vacancy.
    • Body (for tickets initiated by Asset Coordinator/Desktop Support Technician):
      • Hello [Director Name],

        Our records indicate that [Employee’s Name]’s current work machine, [Make] [Model], is approaching its end-of-life or is unrepairable.

        Within the next five business days, please consult with your employee and reply to this ticket with selection of a replacement machine. Information on eligible machines to choose from, the default software provided, and what information to include in your reply to this ticket is found at https://answers.uillinois.edu/uic/internal/page.php?id=75168.

        [Employee’s name],

        Please note that when your new machine is delivered and set up, your existing machine with serial number XXXXXX will be picked up. Be sure to prepare for this by ensuring necessary files are backed up to Crashplan or Box Sync. If you do not have Crashplan installed, or need assistance backing up your files, please send email to onsitesupport@uic.edu as soon as possible to avoid delays in providing your new machine.

        Thank you,

        [Asset Coordinator/Desktop Support Technician]

    • For tickets initiated by hiring manager, Asset Coordinator evaluates staff inventory. If within-warranty machine from previous employee in the same position is available, proceed to step 3e. Otherwise, continue to step 3.

      For tickets initiated by Asset Coordinator or Desktop Support Technician, respective Director replies to ticket with requested information within five business days.

  2. Within two business days, Asset Coordinator:
    1. Obtains a quote for the selected machine along with shipment ETA
    2. Moves ticket to Orders queue
    3. Appends the quote and ETA information to the ticket and requests that Business Manager process order.
    4. Sets Custom Fields as follows:
      • Case Type: Quote
      • Purchased Through: iBuy
      • Vendor: As applicable (TechCenter or CDWG)
      • Tech Fee Purchase: No
      • PTag Status: Needs Tag(s) (Unless a peripherals-only order for Apple machines)
      • Approval Status: Approved
      • Fiscal Year: As applicable
      • Group: Respective Group
    5. Creates child ticket in Endpoint Management queue (unless machine will run Linux), following the below syntax:
      • Set receiving employee or hiring manager as requestor
      • Adds self and Desktop Support technicians as AdminCCs
      • Subject: Staff Computer Imaging for [Employee Full Name]
      • Owner: Respective Endpoint Management Technician for Apple or Windows
      • Body:
  3. Within two business days, employee or hiring manager replies to Endpoint Management queue ticket (unless machine will run Linux), providing details of any requested software beyond the default.
  4. Within two business days of primary ticket being moved to Orders queue, ACCC Administration submits order requisition.
  5. Computer arrives to BGRC and within one business day ACCC Administration follows standard package receiving process, including updating Orders queue ticket
  6. Within one business day, Asset Coordinator:
    1. Picks up computer and any accessories to bring to SEL, during normal package pickup process.
    2. Upon return to SEL, assigns and affixes PTag, and updates staff computer inventory database.
    3. Updates Orders queue ticket with the following information:
      • Case Type: Delivered
      • PTag Status: Tag(s) Affixed
      • Appends PTag information with SN, Location, Custodian
    4. [Skip to step 'e' if machine will run Linux] Drops off physical asset to Endpoint Management team and updates Endpoint Management queue ticket noting that computer has been dropped off for imaging.
      • Provide MAC address and GUID information as available
    5. Creates ticket in On-Site Support queue, following the below syntax:
      • Set employee as Requestor
      • Set respective Director as CC
      • Subject: Staff Computer Delivery and Setup for [Employee Full Name]
      • Body:
        • Request employee confirm that their data has been backed up to Crashplan and they will be ready to hand over their existing machine upon delivery of the new machine. Employee must also reply to the ticket with at least two (2) date and time windows at least four (4) business days in the future, of at least two (2) hours, for Desktop Support team to provide initial setup assistance.
  7. [Skip to step 10 if machine will run Linux] Within one business day, Endpoint Management team replies to ticket in Endpoint Management queue, verifying receipt of machine and provides ETA for completion of imaging.
  8. Within three business days, Endpoint Management team completes imaging, sets BIOS password, and returns physical asset to Asset Coordinator for deployment to recipient, and updates and resolves Endpoint Management queue ticket.
  9. Within two business days of Step 7e, receiving employee replies to On-Site Support queue ticket providing the requested information.
  10. Within one business day, Desktop Support replies to ticket in On-Site Support queue, notifying recipient that the machine is ready, and confirming the date and time of delivery and setup appointment.
  11. On day of setup, Desktop Support picks up computer and accessories from Asset Coordinator and completes a set-up with the employee, including providing details of the features of the new computer, assisting with encryption setup, reviews IT Security Program compliance, centrally managed software deployment, and assists with setup of Crashplan (including starting restore process if bringing data from previous computer).
  12. When setup is completed, Desktop Support Technician:
    1. Resolves ticket in On-Site Support queue, noting setup completed and that the employee should reply if anything further is needed.
    2. If applicable:
      1. Takes possession of retired machine/accessories and brings to SEL
      2. Wipes data from the machine
      3. Hands off machine and accessories to Asset Coordinator for decommissioning/surplus.
  13. If applicable: within two business days, Asset Coordinator updates staff computer inventory database reflecting old machine storage location pending disposal/etc.

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