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This page is to help provide understanding of the Departmental Guest Account Creation Page on the Self-Service Portal

The guest management system has received a makeover with new and improved functionality. Users that are classified as departmental representatives are granted elevated permissions to create guest user accounts that have increased functionality to allow guests and visitors on our campus to access resources by accessing IllinoisNet as well as the VPN. It is important to note that if your guest needs basic network connectivity for basic web browsing, they should be accessing IllinoisNet_Guest and self-create a temporary account valid for one day. If your guest needs to access trusted resources, they will need a temporary account created by a departmental representative and then join IllinoisNet or access the VPN. When granting guests access to IllinoisNet or the VPN the department that has granted the access is responsible for ensuring that the user follows all campus requirements. More details can be found  in the Campus Administrative Manual VIII(1.1)(IV)(F)

How do I become departmental representative?

The new system allows your department direct control of who can make accounts by listing users in a dedicated AD group that your department registers with Technology Services. Your local IT staff will almost always be your first point of contact to get added to that group.

How does my department setup access?

The process is simple. One person from each department will need to register the AD group the department will use to grant their users access to create guests for their department, along with choosing a department label used to uniquely identify department affiliation when the user logs in. To register the group and label that person will fill out this form: This will generate a ticket that will come to Technology Services. After approval from your Dean, Director or Department Head, we will add permissions for that AD group. Anyone listed in that AD group will then be able to make departmentally sponsored Network Guest Accounts for use with IllinoisNet and the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How do I login?

To access the Network Self Service portal, visit: You will login with your NetID followed by the '#' and your departmental label and your NetID password. The department label is determined at the time of filling out the request form. (Example: JoeNetID#DepartmentalLabel). This will grant you elevated resources and access to your departments self-service resources. This is a shared resource so you will see other departmental devices and accounts with these permissions. If you do not know your departmental label, please consult your IT professional.

I don't want to login as a departmental representative!

If you do not wish to access your departmental resources, but still access the Network Self-Service Portal, simple login with your NetID and password but do not include the '#' or your departmental label. This will put you back into your personal access. If you at anytime wish to be completely removed as departmental representative, please contact your local IT support.

How do I create a guest account?

Creating a guest account can be done in two ways. It can be done individually or in bulk. To create an individual account, click on "Create Guest Accounts". To create multiple accounts, click on "Create Multiple Guest Accounts". Follow the on screen instruction and the account(s) will be created. Once these accounts are created, they are enabled to access IllinoisNet or the VPN immediately. 

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