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known issues with Kaltura

The following are known issues with Kaltura and related tools. Possible work around solutions are included when one is available.

Kaltura in Compass2g, Illinois eText, Lon-Capa - Redirects

In late March 2018 we began seeing an issue with some embed codes in Illinois Compass 2g, Lon-Capa, and eText. 
What the user experiences is this: 
  • log in to application (Illinois Compass 2g, Illinois eText, Lon-Capa) without already being logged into MediaSpace
  • go to a page with an embedded video
  • user is directed from the application to MediaSpace (https://mediaspace.illinois.edu/), not asked to log in again, but left at the front MediaSpace page. 
If a video was added with an embed code from MediaSpace, this is occurring. It only happens the first time you access one of these embeds during a session. It shouldn't be happening and we are working with Kaltura to address the root cause. 

Work arounds:
  1. Hit back in the browser and then navigate to the page you were on. 
  2. Log into MediaSpace first, and then log into the application (Illinois Compass 2g, Illinois eText, Lon-Capa)

Kaltura Player

  • In iOS, there are problems with videos displayed at full screen (in Safari and Chrome). In portrait mode the video is pushed to the bottom of the screen but the entire video is displayed. In landscape mode almost half of the video is cut off. This is seen on iPhones and iPads. We recommend viewing fullscreen in portrait mode, or viewing the video in the browser without selecting full screen. The issue has been reported to the vendor. (2017-08-30)
  • When downloading media, if the downloaded file appears as "file.noex", simply rename the extension to .mp4 and it will play. This has happened with CaptureSpace created media. (2017-09-15)
  • As of December 2017 there is a bug in the horizontal playlist player. If some of the content is password protected, and other content is not, the player controls are cut off. Once the viewer logs in and has access to view the media, the controls appear as normal. (2017-12-08)
Controls cut off  Playlist player controls cut off

Controls visible   Playlist player controls visible


  • Other Universities submitted reports of the online video editor not launching or working for users with an apostrophe in their name (e.g. O'Brien, A'mare).  The apostrophe would be in a first or last name, not the netid. As of 2018-04-10 this is no longer an issue. This note remains in case someone saw the known issue report before. (updated 2018-04-10)


  • System/Computer audio cannot be recorded at this time. If you need to record audio on your computer, you will need to record using another tool such as iMovie or Camtasia, or put the microphone to speakers. We do not recommend CaptureSpace to record other videos or video calls. (2017-08-08)
  • When you are selecting a Powerpoint presentation, if you see the error "“The selected presentation is invalid. Invalid presentations will not be recorded” in a pink box...go ahead and search for the Powerpoint file again and load it in the same way. We have only encountered this error once, and cannot reproduce it. If you happen to see it, just try the file again. If you have the problem again, contact Technology Services, we will want to see the file. (2017-09-22)
  • We have reports of CaptureSpace recordings with a webcam having sync issues between the audio and camera. The sync appears to drift. We have seen this behavior but cannot replicate it. Suggestions to address this include: (2018-03-22)
    • Use a USB webcam instead of a built in camera. Other Universities have reported this as a solution.
    • Use a computer with more processing power, the webcam and screen recording are processor intensive.
    • Record the screen without the webcam.
    • Use the Presentations and Lectures mode and upload Powerpoint slides. (Note the slides are static images, no animations or screen capture - this would be a limitation depending on your need).


  • When adding a netid to a MediaSpace channel, the error "User NETID does not exist" appears. This message appears because the netid you are adding to the channel has never logged in to MediaSpace, and the system does not recognize the user name. It could also mean that the netid was entered incorrectly. 


  • API Error
    • Occasionally a user will experience an API error message when using the interface. If you see this message, try the command/action again and it should work. If the error persists, please send a screen shot or copy of the error message as a ticket to the helpdesk. Include what you were doing just prior to seeing the error.

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