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Learn how to add weather information to your digital sign using Four Winds Content Manager


To add a Weather content item, in Content Manager Desktop (CMD), under Content Types, click Weather. Or, on the tool bar, click Content > New > Weather…. The Weather Properties window displays. 
To configure a content type's default settings, refer to the following article on Default Properties. 

Weather Properties General Tab 

Weather Properties

  • Name :: Required. Enter a label for the content item. 
  • Description :: Optional. Used to provide an extended description. Text in this field is used by the Tools > Find feature when locating content. 
  • Suggested recurrence :: Sets the default recurrence for the item when added to a region initially. To open the Recurrence window, click Browse (…). 
  • Conditions :: Used to define which players in the Network Tree should play content using player variables. 
  • Variables :: Symbolic names with associated values, which can address a multitude of scenarios. 
  • Duration :: Controls the amount of time used for one play of the content. For more information, read the article on duration. 
  • Use exact duration :: To instruct Content Player to play the content for the exact amount of time noted, including the time required to load the content, check this box. If the box is not checked, the upload time is not counted as part of the play duration. 
  • Duration Variable Name :: Control duration via a variable. Enter the name of an existing duration variable exactly as entered in the Name column for the variable or resource. When a duration variable is used, it takes precedence over any hard-coded duration set elsewhere. 
  • Layout :: Specifies the visual layout of the weather data. To open theWeather Layout, click Browse (…). Number of items :: Number of weather items to display in the region. Maximum is six (today, tomorrow, next day, etc.). 
  • Item start index :: Which item is the first one displayed. 1 is today’s forecast;2 is tomorrow, etc. 
  • Temperature unit :: Units in which temperatures are displayed. 
  • Alternate content :: Content item to play if the link to the weather service on the internet is lost. Forward play triggers to alternate 
  • content :: Used if there are play triggers defined for the weather content item to remain in effect when alternate content is being played in the region. 
  • Zip code :: Five-digit zip code for the weather forecast. 
  • Zip code variable :: A player variable that contains the zip code for which the weather is displays, or the _USERINPUT variable for pre-play input. 
  • Update interval :: How frequently Content Player checks for an updated version of the weather content. 

Additional Properties

Weather content items are created with a default layout that includes the day name / identifier, high and low temperature, narrative description of the conditions, and a graphic image depicting the conditions. It is integrated directly with the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and is limited to the USA and associated territories. By default, a new Weather content item includes the forecast for three days. The number of days included is controlled by the Number of items field in the content item’s Properties window. To adjust the item count from one (for a single day’s forecast) to six (for six days’ forecasts), click the up / down arrows. To adjust the beginning day for the forecast, in the Item start index field, click the up / down arrows. One is today’s forecast; two starts with tomorrow’s forecast, etc. 

Horizontal Orientation

Horizontal Weather Orientation Properties

After the number of items to include is set, in the Layout field, click Browse (…). The Weather Layout window displays. The layout window allows users to specify the layout for one day’s forecast. The pattern is repeated for however many days are specified in the Number of items field in the previous window.

Horizontal Weather Orientation Result

Vertical Orientation

Vertical Weather Orientation Result

When more than one day’s forecast is included, specify the orientation of the days – horizontal or vertical – using the dropdown. Given the number of days included and their orientation, CMD partitions the item’s region into “cells” with one cell per day’s forecast, arranged either vertically or horizontally. Arrange and resize the weather fields to fit within a single cell. This is largely a trial-and-error process, flipping back and forth between laying out the weather fields and viewing the results in the Preview pane. Within each cell, CMD automatically assigns a semi-transparent, gradient gray background to the Day field and assigns a second semi-transparent gray background to the rest of the cell below the Day field. 

Header Fields 

When the Use header box is checked, a header band is added to the layout pane. To change the height of the header band, drag its lower border up or down. Users may also drag and drop the Static Text or Markup Text fields into this band. (Quick Index is not applicable used for weather content).

Horizontal Weather Orientation Result

 As with all layout fields, they can be moved, sized, and deleted as desired.

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