Is there a Process to follow for Account Creation?

PROCESS DOCUMENT: This article provides instructions for creating accounts such as: Blackboard, UICal, etc.

Note: Make certain user has valid affiliation. The NetID must be activated. 

Creation process:

  1. Pull up owner’s NetID in menu

  1. Go to: 5) Accounts, Passwords, Suspensions > ENTER

  1. Go to: 1) Make a new account. ENTER

  2. Under Machine,  type the name of the account

List of some accounts frequently created:

  • blackboard (Blackboard)

  • uical (UICalendar)

  • box (Box)

  • mailserv (Mailserv)

  • gapps (Google Apps “Gmail”)

*If you are not sure what the proper name of the account is, please ask a supervisor or manager for assistance. 

  1. Leave the Group as “DEFAULT”. TAB

  2. Do not change the netid. TAB

  3. Do not change the “Owner-type: ([P[ersonal]”. TAB

  4. Leave the Name as “DEFAULT”. TAB

  5. TAB to: [Submit] and press the enter button

**This will display when process was successful: Success (rc=0).Success! RC:0 Success

Update Customer Contact Form (CCF)

1. Open CCF

2. Enter the following under, “Customer & Consultant Information”:

  • Customer Netid

  • Name

  • Alt-Email (Optional)

  • Phone Number (Optional)

  • Shift: Problem

  • Contact Type: RT

3.  Enter the following under, “Interaction Information”:

  • Click “Existing Ticket” button

  • Service: Identity and Access Management

  • Ticket #: Enter the ticket number from RT

  • CC: Enter complete email address (if needed or requested)

  • **Action Taken: Resolved

  • Comments: Select the appropriate article:

    • 253 Templates: Box Account

    • 254 Templates: Google Apps

    • 255 Templates: Mailserv

    • 252 Templates: UI Calendar

Please note: there is no option to attach an article in the CCF directly. Therefore, pull 

up the article in RT first then copy and paste the article in the CCF form in the 

“Comments” section. DO NOT send/ update the article directly in RT. 

4.  Enter the following under, “Additional Information”:

  • Service: Multiple ACCC Services

  • Case Type? (Specific topics that the consultant is performing): Select the appropriate case type, if not available select, “other” 

  • Incident or Request: Request

5. Click, “SUBMIT” button


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