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Below, you will find a collection of links that may be helpful for students using Moodle.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleStudentHelp

If the links below are not helpful in answering your question, you have a few options. You may fill out a student help form, or, if you are on campus, you can visit our office

If your question is of a personal nature or involves changing your grades, please contact your instructor. Always check to see if your course has a General Q & A forum. If your question has not already been answered there, post your question in the forum so that everyone in your course will be aware of the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I update my profile?
    Check out our Updating Your Profile page.
  2. How do I add or cancel email notifications from the forums in my course?
    Check out our Managing Email from Forums page.
  3. I can't see my course site!
    Check out our Student Unable to View Course Site page.
  4. How do I view my grades?
    Check out our Viewing Grades page.
  5. How do I use the class UI Wiki?
    Check out our Working with UI Wikis page.
  6. Why is my grade on a quiz or lesson so low?
    You may notice that in quizzes or lessons with essay questions, you grades show up as significantly lower than you had expected. This is because the essays cannot be automatically graded. After instructors have graded an essay, you will see your score for the essay added into your quiz or lesson score.
  7. How do I organize courses on my home page?
    Check out our Organizing Courses on your Home Page page.
  8. How do I do stuff in the Moodle text editor?
    Check out our Using the Moodle Text Editor page.
  9. How do I embed audio or video from Illinois Media Space?
    Check out our Embedding Audio or Video from Illinois Media Space page.
  10. How do I use i>clicker?
    Check out our Using i>clicker for Students page.
  11. How do I record a group video using Collaborate Ultra?
    Check out our Recording a Group Video Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page.

Not what you're looking for? Try searching our help documentation in the LAS KnowledgeBase.

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