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Setting up the gradebook with percentages instead of raw points is a popular choice among instructors. A percentage gradebook is particularly suited to classes that designate percentages for each element of the class and do not have precise point values determined for each activity before the course begins.

For a more permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleGradebookPercent

Here is a sample gradebook of the type we will create:

Sample Percentage Gradebook - Top
Sample Percentage Gradebook - Bottom

Setting up Gradebook Categories

Imagine that we have the following setup in our course syllabus:
  • Attendance 10%
  • Discussion Forum Posts 20%
  • Assignments 30%
  • Quizzes 10%
  • Tests 30%
In this example, Attendance, Discussion Forum Posts, Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests become our gradebook "categories."
The percentages will be entered as point values (i.e. 20% becomes 20 points) under the "maximum grade" field.
  1. To start, go to Gradebook setup in the Administration block on the left.
    Gradebook Setup Link
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Add category button.
    Add category button
  3. Enter/select the following:
    • Under "Grade category" -> "Category name" type in the name of your category (e.g. Quizzes).
    • Under "Aggregation," select Mean of grades.
      Note: If you need to assign different weights within the category, you can use the "Weighted mean of grades" or "Simple weighted mean of grades."
    • Under "Category total," type in the percentage value in the "Maximum grade" field. For example, since quizzes are worth 10% of the grade, type in 10.
    Create Category - Quizzes
  4. Repeat the same process for each category, always selecting "Mean of grades" as the "Aggregation" method, and setting the percentage value as the "Maximum grade." Each category will have a grey folder icon to its left.
    Note: If you need to assign different weights within the category, you can use the "Weighted mean of grades" or "Simple weighted mean of grades."

Putting All of Your Activities into Categories

Each assignment or quiz that is a part of the category must be moved manually into that category. Please see our help page Putting an Activity into a Gradebook Category to learn the different ways you can place activities into categories.

Setting the Maximum Grade Values of All Activities to 100

When using the percentage gradebook, we suggest scoring all activities out of 100 points (having a Maximum grade of 100) to help remind students that everything is calculated by percentage and the point values do not have meaning beyond the percentage. In other words, whether the point value is 9/10 or 90/100, the grade recorded is simply 90% and has the same weight in the grade book. Using different point values could mislead students into thinking that something is weighted more or less than it is. Using 100 points for each activity makes all of the assignments feel important and helps students remember that their grade for each category is weighted. Learn how to edit maximum grades in our Editing Maximum Grades page.

Note: If you need to assign different weights within the category, you can use the "Weighted mean of grades" or "Simple weighted mean of grades."

Verifying that the Totals and Weights for each Category are the Same and Equal 100

Finally, in the main Gradebook setup screen, verify that category weights match category totals and that the Course Total is 100:
 Verify Gradebook setup screenshot

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