Learn@Illinois Moodle - Instructor Help

This is a guide to all of our available help documents for instructors, organized as an FAQ.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleHelp

Please contact atlas-tlt@illinois.edu for any of your teaching and learning with technology needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  1. How do I request a course site?
    Check out our Requesting a Course Site page.
  2. How do I log in to my course site?
    Check out our Logging In to your Course Site page.
  3. How do I make sure that my course site is visible or hidden to others?
    Check out our Making Course Sites Visible page. 
  4. How do I import content from an old course site?
    See our Importing Content Between Course Sites page.
  5. How do I add users to my course site?
    Check out our Adding Users page.
  6. What are the various roles that users can have?
    Check out our Different Roles in Moodle page.
  7. How do I update my profile?
    Check out our Updating your Profile page.
  8. How do I change the visual format of my course?
    Check out our Course Format page.
  9. How do I organize all of the courses on my Learn@Illinois home page?
    Check out our Organizing Courses on your Home Page page.
  10. How do I move, hide, or edit sections?
    Check out our Sections page.
  11. How do I edit elements on my course page?
    Check out the Editing elements on your course homepage Moodle.org Docs page.
  12. How do I add, configure, or get rid of blocks?
    Check out our Using Blocks page.
  13. What is autolinking and how can I use it effectively or turn it off?
    Check out our Autolinking page.
  14. How do I make announcements with news forum?
    Check out our Making Announcements page.
  15. How do I use the Moodle Text Editor?
    Check out our Changing your Text Editor page.


  1. How do I manage forum subscription to make sure students aren't getting too many emails?
    Check out our Managing Email from Forums page.
  2. Where did my settings and navigation blocks go and how can I get them back? (Are my blocks docked?)
    Check out our Docking and Undocking Blocks page.
  3. How do I change my text editor?
    Check out our Changing your Text Editor page.
  4. How do I embed audio or video from Illinois Media Space?
    Check out our Embedding Audio or Video from Illinois Media Space page.
  5. How do I use Illinois Media Space for audio recording?
    Check out our Using Illinois Media Space for Audio Recording page.
  6. How do I add i>clicker to my course site?
    Check out our Using i>clicker for Students page.
  7. How do I use Proctor U for an exam?
    Check out CITL's ProctorU: Creating Exams page.


For grading how-tos and FAQs, see our Gradebook Help page.

Groups and Groupings

How do I use groups and groupings in activities?
See our Groups and Groupings page.

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