Learn@Illinois Moodle - Putting an Activity into a Gradebook Category

You can put an activity into a gradebook category by (1) editing the activity settings, (2) using the checkbox in the gradebook setup, or (3) using the up-down arrow in the gradebook setup.

Selecting the Gradebook Category of an Activity within the Activity Settings

If you have already set up the gradebook categories, you can select the grade category from a drop-down menu within an activity's settings.

On the "Edit settings" page for your new or existing activity under "Grade" -> "Grade category," simply select the category of assignment that you have created (e.g., Assignments) and Save.
Edit Grade Category

Putting Already-Existing Activities into a Gradebook Category in Gradebook Setup

There are two options for moving activities on the Gradebook setup main page. You can either use the checkbox method or the gray up-down arrow icon Up-down Arrow method.

Checkbox Method

The checkbox method is recommended for moving multiple activities to a new category.

Check the boxes on the far right next to the activities you would like to move. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the category which you would like the activities moved to.

Move to assignment category in gradebook - checkbox

The activit(ies) will now appear in the new category.

Up-down ArrowUp-down Arrow Method

  1. Click on the gray up-down arrow icon to the left of the activity/item that you want to move:
    Click the up-down arrow to the left of Quiz 2
  2. Click on the new location that you would like to move the quiz to:
    Moving Quiz 2 to a new location
    Now Quiz 2 has been moved inside the Quizzes category just after Quiz 1.

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