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This page offers best practices and answers frequently asked questions regarding the gradebook and grades.

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Understanding your gradebook

One of the most common problems with Moodle gradebooks across campus relates to the "Exclude empty grades" checkbox in the gradebook categories. Make sure you understand this feature to know if your gradebook is calculating correctly. Moodle does not calculate empty grades as zeros unless this box is unchecked. If it is checked, it causes grades to be calculated only based on assignments that have already been graded. To avoid any unforeseen issues, it is important to get into the habit of entering zeros for unsubmitted assignments. See Making Sure the Gradebook is Ready for Entering Final Scores for more information.

Setting up your gradebook

Percentages or Points Gradebook?

There are two main ways to set up your gradebook: by percentage and by points. We recommend using the percentage gradebook because it is easier to use and offers more flexibility for unexpected changes.

Grading Discussion Forums

If you plan to grade discussion forums, make sure to create an assignment using the activity grader to grade it. This will make your life much easier; it pulls the students' discussion posts into the assignment so that you don't have to search the actual forum to grade it.

Adding a Grade for Something outside of Moodle

To add a grade item in the gradebook for something not graded in Moodle, see our Adding a Manual Gradebook Item page.

Adding Extra Credit

We recommend only using extra credit at the course level (i.e. adding a couple of percentage points to their final grade). Please see our Adding Extra Credit page for more information on how to set this up.

Grading FAQ

  1. How do I extend deadlines or time limits for activities?
    Check out our Extending Deadlines or Time Limits for Activities page.
  2. How do I change the answer to a quiz question and update the grades?
    Check out our Changing the Correct Answer to a Quiz Question page.
  3. How do I see what my students see in my course or in the gradebook?
    Check out our Viewing my Course as a Student page.
  4. How do I most easily grade a discussion forum or glossary?
    Check out our UI Activity Grader in Assignment page.
  5. How do I export grades so that I can upload them in Banner?
    Check out our Exporting Final Grades for Banner Upload page.
  6. How do I import grades using a spreadsheet?
    See our Importing Grades Using a Spreadsheet page. 
  7. How do I exclude a grade for a specific student?
    See our Excluding a Grade for a Specific Student page.

Gradebook FAQ

  1. How do I make sure the gradebook is ready for entering final scores?
    See our Making Sure the Gradebook is Ready for Entering Final Scores page.
  2. How do I set up my gradebook using percentages?
    See our Setting up the Gradebook Using Percentages page.
  3. How do I set up the gradebook using points?
    See our Setting up the Gradebook Using Points page.
  4. How do I edit maximum grades?
    See our Editing Maximum Grades page.
  5. How do I drop the lowest score?
    See our Dropping the Lowest Score page.
  6. How do I add a grade category in the gradebook?
    See our Adding a Gradebook Category page.
  7. How do I put an activity into a gradebook category?
    Check out our Putting an Activity into a Gradebook Category page.
  8. How do I add a grade for something outside of Moodle?
    Check out our Adding a Manual Gradebook Item page.
  9. How do I add extra credit?
    See our Adding Extra Credit page.
  10. How do I use an ungraded category to clean up the gradebook?
    See our Using an Ungraded Category to Clean up the Gradebook page.

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