Learn@Illinois Moodle - Dropping the Lowest Score

To drop a lowest score, you must have categories set up in the gradebook, with all activities/items in that category, and all activities/items in that category must have the same point value.

If you already have a gradebook set up to use activity categories, it is very easy to drop the lowest by following the instructions below. If not, you will need to add a gradebook category and place all of the relevant grade items into that category.

  1. Double check that all activities/items in the category have the same point value. If they don't, change the "Maximum grade" of each activity to be the same. See our Editing Maximum Grades page for help with this.
    Same grades
  2. Select Gradebook setup from the Administration block on the left side of your course page.
    Gradebook Setup Link
  3. Go to the category of the item you want to drop (e.g. Quizzes) and click Edit, then select Edit settings.
    Edit a gradebook category
  4. Under "Grade Category," click Show more.
    Grade category Show More
  5. You will see additional options appear. In the "Drop the lowest" field, select the number of items you would like to drop the lowest of (e.g., I would like to drop the one lowest quiz, so I will enter a 1.).

  6. Save changes. Drop the lowest

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