Learn@Illinois Moodle - Making Sure the Gradebook is Ready for Entering Final Scores

It is important to check a few things in your gradebook as the end of the semester approaches and make sure that students' grades are being calculated correctly.

During our consultations at ATLAS, we find that many gradebooks have at least one error that affects students' final grades.

In order to avoid giving inaccurate grades or needing to fix grades at the last minute, it is important to check the following:

  • Make sure that all missing student grades are changed to zeros.
  • Remove all activities/items that should not be in the gradebook by deleting from the main page or setting their point values to zero.
  • Make sure that hidden activities/items are showing.
  • Check the point values for each activity/item.
  • Verify that point values and percentages match the syllabus.
  • Make sure that the dropping the lowest function is set up correctly.
  • Make sure that any extra credit is functioning properly.

Of all of these, entering zeros for all empty grades is one of the most important to insure gradebook accuracy. Below is the method we recommend for quickly changing empty/missing grades to zeros. 

Enter Zeros for All Empty Grades

It is a best practice in Moodle to always enter zero for incomplete activities. When zeros are not entered, grades can become artificially inflated or deflated. The best way to turn empty (unentered) grades into zeros in batches for each activity is to use the "Single view" interface to access the "Perform bulk insert" function.

  1. From the Administration block on the left-hand side of the page, click Gradebook setup.
    Gradebook setup
  2. Then, in the Administration block, click on Single view.
    Single View
  3. Under the "Select grade item" drop-down, select the activity that you want to grade.
    Select grade item
  4. Check the box for "Perform bulk insert" and leave the default settings the same (i.e. "Empty grades;" 0). This changes all missing/empty grades of the students displayed on this page for this activity/item to 0.
    Perform bulk insert
  5. Click Save changes.
    Save changes
  6. Click Continue.
    Grades were set
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for all activities for which you need to add zeros.

We encourage you to take advantage of our quick and free gradebook audits to make sure that your gradebook is ready for entering final scores. Please contact atlas-tlt@illinois.edu to request a gradebook review or schedule an in-person consultation.

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