Learn@Illinois Moodle - Create a Folder ("Category") to Organize your Gradebook

Grade categories can be used as a strictly organizational tool (e.g., adding a category for each module) or can be used to perform calculations (e.g., dropping the lowest value or having a weighted grade category).

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleGradebookCategories
  1. In the Administration block, click on Gradebook setup.
    Gradebook setup link
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Add category button.

  3. In the first field, enter the name of your category
  4. In the following drop-down menu, select the aggregation type.
    • For points gradebooks, select "Natural (Sum of Grades)".
    • For percentage gradebooks, select "Mean of Grades".
    • Select "Simple weighted mean of grades" for percentage gradebooks in which the different point values correspond to the desired weights
    • Select "Weighted mean of grades" for percentage gradebooks in which you need to explicitly specify different weights for activities within the category
    Category name and aggregation type

  5. Click the Save changes button.
    Save changes button screenshot
  6. Move the appropriate activities (in this example, all quizzes) into the category.

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