ACES Portal - Keys page

You may create a key within the portal. Each key will contain various information such as Key Code, Key Type, Inventory, Building, Rooms, etc. Also, you can add rooms to the key later. Follow the steps below.


    Table of contents

    1. Create new keys
    2. Edit storage locations
    3. View by organization
    4. Filters

    Create new keys

    New > Create Key

    1. Create a key (Note: Adding rooms is optional during key creation. You can always add rooms to this key later. Key Code, Label, and Inventory can also be changed later.)

    2. Add + New button creates a key, and starts another form. Add button creates a new key, and closes the form

    Edit storage locations

    Edit > Storage locations

    You may add, edit, or remove the storage locations for the organization.

    Note: Storage locations created can be assigned to keys at the time of creation, or on existing keys by going to the key page, then clicking Edit > Key Information.


    Click Organization on the menu bar

    If you are a Keys manager for more than one organization, you will see all of the organizations you are able to manage in this dropdown. Most of the time, you will only see one. Changing the organization here allows you to choose which organization's keys and storage locations you are currently managing.

    Organization tab


    Key Code: Filter keys by a key code or partial key code

    Building: Filter keys by building name

    Key Type (Multi-select): Filter by key type - Master / Sub Master / Single / Building / Card Swipe / Other

    # Assigned: Filter by number of keys assigned - Less Than # / Equals # / Greater Than #

    # Available: Filter by number of keys available - Less Than # / Equals # / Greater Than #

    function goToId(elID) { var el = document.getElementById(elID); el.scrollIntoView(true); }

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