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Guide to the View Room page within the ACES Portal


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Add Occupant

1. New > Add Room Occupant

The Add Occupant function allows you to add an occupant to a room. The form will allow you to specify in what capacity a person occupies (or is related to) a room, as well as specifying where in the room they are seated (optional), and also optionally specifying an expiration date.

Description of room roles:

Owner - The owner of a room can manage some information about the room such as the room's label, capacity, and tags. They are also able to add and remove occupants, display which keys open a room (but cannot manage those keys), and view the inventory located within a room.

Occupant - Occupants simply reside within a room. They have no ability to view detailed information or edit information about the room. Only use this role if a person physically resides within the room.

Emergency Contact - People with this role will be designated as the person whom should be contacted in the event of an emergency regarding a room, such as a water leak, electrical problem, chemical spill, etc.

Access Manager - The first step in a facilities access request is that the room owner or an access manager must approve the request before it is escalated to the appropriate business office for fulfillment. Having this role assigned allows a person to approve or reject access requests to a room.

Add Comment

1. New > Add Comment

Anyone with at least a Space viewer role may add comments to any room. Comments can be helpful for sharing detailed information about a room, reporting on incidents or accidents, or uploading relevant documents, for example.

Edit Basic Information

1. Edit > Edit basic information

This window will allow a Space manager or room owner to edit information about a room such as the room's label, capacity, and tags, as well as toggling whether or not the room is available for access requests or reservations.

Edit Tags

1. Edit > Edit Tags

Tags can be assigned to a room to assist with searching. The global search bar at the top of the page will also search a room's tags when searching in "Room" mode.

Edit Key Access

1. Edit > Edit Key Access

This window allows a Key manager to edit which keys open a room, and supports "add" and "remove" operations simultaneously. The Left panel contains keys that can be added to the room. The Right panel contains keys that can access the room. The two lists are mutually exclusive.

View Activity Log

1. View > View activity log

View activities related to the room, such as adding and removing occupants, changing the room's basic information, or modifying key access. Activity logs are always visible to everyone with at least Space viewer role.



Displays people who have been assigned a role in this room, including occupants, emergency contacts, owners, and access managers. The Actions dropdown allows you to expire, edit, or move an occupant, as well as view the activity log for that particular person's occupancy record.


1. Show Expired: Toggles the display of occupants that have been manually expired or have surpassed their expiration date.



Displays the keys that open the room. The Actions dropdown allows the removal of a key, and the viewing of the activity log for a key access record.



Displays inventory items that belong to this room. This data is drawn from FABWeb and is not editable.



Displays comments that have been added to this room. Only a Space manager can delete comments.


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