Canvas, Illinois Compass 2g, Graduate Academy

A list of Canvas and Compass resources that accompanies the presentation provided at the Spring and Fall Graduate Academy for incoming Teaching Assistants

Presenter's slides

Request a Canvas or Compass Course:

Space Request Application 

How-to documentation for using the Learning Spaces Request Application:

Getting Help and Training

For Illinois Compass email Technology Services Help:

For Canvas use the Help Icon on the Left Menu. 

Canvas Help Menu

Search the Canvas Guides for documentation or search the UIUC Knowledge Base for relevant articles. Click Canvas Training Portal for training, or use the Chat with Canvas Support (Faculty) for 24/7 support. You may also contact Technology Services for Canvas support.

CITL training calendar for in person training opportunities:

Managing Users and Student Rosters:

Adding users to your Compass Course Page: Illinois Compass 2g, How do I add instructors, TAs, Course Administrators, Designers, or Students 

Adding users to your Canvas course: Canvas, Adding a user

Articles about Compass and Canvas Rosters:

Student Preview Mode

Compass Student preview mode: Illinois Compass 2g, Student view for Instructors 

Canvas Student View: Canvas, Previewing course content using Student View

Course Communications

Compass Announcements: Illinois Compass 2g, Announcements 

Canvas, Notification settings for an instructor 

Articles about creating and editing content on Compass:

Canvas articles:

Course Settings, Assignments, and Grades

Canvas course styles and setting a Course Entry Point: Illinois Compass 2g, Setting Course Style Options 

Canvas, Publishing a course 
Compass Assignments: Illinois Compass 2g, Assignments 
Compass Course Availability: Illinois Compass 2g, Setting course availability 
Compass Grade Center Articles: 
Articles on Canvas Assignments:

Related Tools and Services:

Kaltura and Illinois Mediaspace

Zoom documentation via:

Research IT: The Research IT team's goal is to bridge any gaps that may exist between researchers and the technology that enables research. See:

 Canvas, Mobile Apps for Students 

Canvas Mobile App for Teachers:

Blackboard (Compass) Mobile App Illinois Compass 2g, Mobile