Illinois Compass 2g, Profiles

Illinois Compass 2g has a new profile feature that allows users to customize the presentation of their online, in-course identity. A user can upload their choice of pictures and include scholastic information such as major and interests. The creation of a profile is voluntary, but it can offer a simple way for instructors to get to know students in the class, as well as students to get to know fellow classmates.

Profile privacy settings

The different profile privacy settings in our campus's instance of profiles include the following:

Block a user

If a user feels uncomfortable with someone seeing their profile or interacting with them, they can select Block on that user's profile or profile card.

When a user selects this option, a confirmation message appears. When a user blocks another user, this is a personal action between two users and requires no action on the part of the administrator.

Monitor profiles for inappropriate content

All Blackboard Learn users and system administrators can report inappropriate content they find in any profile by selecting Report. From a profile card, the user can select the flag icon in the bottom right corner. A screen appears and prompts them to fill out some brief information to report the profile.

After a user's profile is reported, the system administrator sees a notification next to Reported Items under Cloud Management on the Administrator Panel. Select Reported Items to view all of the reported items.

On this screen, you can take administrative action on the reported item. Next to an item in the list, open the menu to review the report and block the item from being seen by other users in your Learn instance.

When you select Block Item, a message appears with more information about the action. Select Block to confirm that you wish to block the item. The system sends an email to the user telling them to revise their profile's content to have it reinstated. In addition to receiving an email, the user will also see a notification when they view their profile to let them know it has been blocked and must be edited and submitted for review.

After the user has submitted an updated profile for review, a new Reported Item notification appears for the administrator. On the Reported Items page, you can see that the status has changed to Under Review. You can review the updated profile and unblock the item if it is acceptable.

Delete a profile

Users can delete their profiles on the Edit Profile page. When a user selects Delete My Blackboard Profile:

Profile deletion process is irreversible. The user can create a new profile, but it won't re-attach to any of the data (for example, posts made to Spaces under their original profile).