Digital Signage, Users, Groups, and Setting Permissions

This article provides information about how access and rights can be set within the Digital Signage Services environment.

In organizations with large numbers of signs, sub-organizations, and/or content managers it is sometimes desirable to control access and rights to locations, content, or templates based on the user of the system. In the context of our Digital Signage Services, this responsibility falls to the primary digital signage manager or coordinator in each major unit who will need to contact the service at and work with the service manager directly.

Permissions in the system are set through the Security tab which requires administrator access become visible. While departments will be able to create AD Security Groups of their own to control access and right, it will require administrator access to add the security groups into the system and to use them to set permissions for Locations, Content and Content Categories, Templates and Template Categories, etc. The service manager will advise and work with you to set permissions up for your organization. 

The following tables describe the security settings available for the most common signage objects:

 Edit Properties  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Deploy  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Apps to Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Templates to Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Content to Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Create and Delete Locations  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Create and Delete Players  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Published Sign Access  Inherited  Allow   Deny

 Edit Properties   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Deploy   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Apps to Schedule   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Templates to Schedule   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Content to Schedule   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Published Sign Access   Inherited  Allow   Deny

 Content Categories      
 Edit Properties   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add to/Remove from Schedule   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Create Content Categories   Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Create, Delete, and Manage Content   Inherited  Allow   Deny

 Content Items      
 Edit Properties  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add to/Remove from Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny

 Template Categories      
 Create Template Categories  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Create, Delete, and Manage Templates  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Edit Properties  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add to/Remove from Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny

 Edit Properties  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Create and Delete Regions  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add to/Remove from Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny
 Add Content to Schedule  Inherited  Allow   Deny

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