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On this page (header 3)

This can be deleted for shorter articles, but you can use anchor tags used in this example ( or a jQuery table of contents (

Major section
Sub-section 1
Sub-section 2
Additional Help

Major section (h3)

This is example text you can overwrite. Use Header 3 to introduce major sections of articles. Generally, we advise against using headers 1 and 2 unless there is a specific need for them. For body text, we suggest using the default font, size, and color for to improve accessibility unless there is a specific reason to change them. Use text formatting (bold, italics, and underline) and the KB's tools such as hyperlinks, mailto links, images, unordered lists, and ordered lists to improve readability.

Sub-section 1 (header 4)

This is example text you can overwrite. Use Header 4 to introduce sub-sections of a topic.

We will provide an example of an unordered (bullet point) list below:

  • Bullet point 1 - illustrated with an example screenshot
    User's Guide
  • Bullet point 2
    • Sub-bullet point 1
    • Sub-bullet point 2
  • Bullet point 3

Sub-section 2 (h4)

This is example text you can overwrite. This is another sub-section introduced with Header 4.

We will provide an example of an ordered list, generally used for step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Perform step 1
  2. Perform step 2
    1. Sub-lists are supported, but restart numbering instead of switching to different characters, such as letters
    2. Perform sub-step 2
  3. Perform step 3

Additional Help (h3)

Once the topic has been documented, we suggest providing a way for readers to get additional help. For example:

For additional help, please contact Technology Services

When referring customers to the Help Desk, or if you need internal documentation for your own staff, use the internal content tag. We suggest using some sort of marker to begin the section, as there is no way to differentiate internal from external content in published articles on the internal KB. This paragraph can be deleted from the template.


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