CA Service Desk Manager - How do you get advance info for ticket troubleshooting?

You can see more information on a ticket in case you need to follow its history, to track its path, and find out what notifications were sent.

Activity Log

At the bottom of the Request window, select the Logs tab and then the Activities subtab.

The Request Activity Log shows the history of all the activities that have occurred to a ticket during its entire lifespan.  You can click on Collapse All to more easily see the full list of log entries.

Activity Log

Event Log

From the Request window, select View->Event History.

If the ticket was assigned to a Service Type definition, the Event Log will show the status of all the events defined in the Service Type for the ticket.

Event History

Notification History

From the Request window, select View->Notification History.

This displays all of the email notifications that have been sent for the ticket.  You can click each log entry to see the contents of the notification.

Notification History