Echo360 - Creating a Short Answer Activity

Instructions for creating a short answer activity in the Echo360 lecture capture system

You can add short answer activities to a presentation. You specify the question and the student enters their answer into a text box.

Student responses are limited to 60K (60000) characters or less.

To create a short answer activity

  1. Open the presentation to which you want to add a short answer activity in one of the following ways:
    • From the DASHBOARD, select LIBRARY and locate the presentation. Click the arrow to open the menu of options.
    • From the DASHBOARD, click ALL CLASSES to open the class list for the course. In the class list, click the icon for the presentation you want to edit to open the menu of options.
    All of the presentation's slides appear.
  3. Click ADD ACTIVITY.
    Activity options appear.
  4. Select the Short answer option.
  5. Enter the Question. You can enter up to 1000 characters.
  6. Click DONE.

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