Endpoint Services, MECM, In-place Imaging


This article provides in-place imaging information on Windows via MECM.


Intended Audience


 Gather Information
Information you will need:
a. Device name
b. I
nstalled applications
c. V
erify the device object exists in MECM
d. D
etermine if data needs to be retained on the device planned for re-image
e. N
ote your OS Deploy Collection
f. Confirm the task sequence is deployed to clients

 Image in Place - Fresh Image (no profile capture and no restore)
Once you have the device name needing to be imaged and your OS Deploy Collection has been configured, you can prepare the re-image by:

a. Manually backup any user directories as needed

b. Find the device object

c. Right-click the device object and select Add Selected Items to Existing Device Collection

e. Navigate to your OS Deploy Collection and select Update Membership on the collection to make the Task Sequence available in Software Center (typically takes less than 15 minutes to appear in the collection)

f. Open Software Center on the device to be imaged and find your OS Deploy Task sequence

g. Select the OS Deploy Task Sequence and choose Install

h. System should restart and begin running the task sequence


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