Echo360 Service Update

Summary of Echo260 changes from Fall 2017.

In summer 2017, Engineering IT began the process of moving Engineering's Echo360 lecture capture service to the cloud for improved reliability and more streamlined access to recorded media for both instructors and students.

Some changes worth noting:

  • Engineering’s existing Echo360 media content will remain available and accessible for at least another calendar year.
  • Existing media can be transferred to the cloud upon request. More details will follow as implementation of the new system progresses over Summer 2017.
  • One URL to access Echo360 course recordings for both instructors and students:

Improvements for instructors:

  • Web interface (Dashboard) to view/manage all your course recordings.
  • Student engagement and analytic tools available. 
  • Integration with Compass/Blackboard course site upon request.
  • Improved mobile device playback.  

Improvements for students:

  • Cloud infrastructure provides for greater availability and improved access speeds from anywhere.
  • Single-site access to view all course media and dashboard. 
  • Ability to ask questions, take notes, and communicate with peers via dashboard.
  • Improved mobile device playback through dedicated apps.  

Other Changes:

  • Active Directory authentication required for course content. 
  • Optional high definition video.  

If you are using Compass 2g for your course(s) and would like Echo360 recorded media for your course integrated within your Compass site, we would like to assist you. Please contact us ( and provide us with details about your course and we will work with you on getting this tested and working before Fall 2017 classes begin.

As before, recording requests should still be submitted to  A list of lecture capture-equipped spaces can be found here. When submitting a recording request, please include the following information:

  • Course name and number
  • Building name and room number
  • Days and times when class is scheduled
  • Section name(s) as it appears in the course catalog (this is how we manage student access to the recordings now)

If you would like to use Compass 2g as your course's LMS (learning managment system), here is a good starting point: Getting Started with Illinois Compass 2g

And if you are using an alternate LMS-like resource (Piazza, Illinois wiki, etc.), please let us know that that is--and we can work with you to explore integrating Echo360 content.