Office 365, Email, Known Issues

Known issues with Office 365 email.


  • Public Folder Access 
    • Access to Exchange 2010 Public folders is not available after a mailbox is migrated to Exchange Online (Office 365).  Please consider a unified group or resource mailbox instead. 
  • Unit address lists are not shown in the global address list
    • This custom feature is no longer available with Exchange Online 
  • Global and domain.local security groups do not work for full access and send-as permissions on shared mailboxes (More info)
    • Exchange Online requires mail-enabled universal security groups for full access and send-as permissions
    • Global and domain.local groups will be dropped from the mailbox permissions when it is migrated
    • Ensuring that the group used for permissions is the correct type will be pre-migration check
  • UOFI\NetID no longer works for the username field when authenticating
    • Exchange Online (Office 365) uses Azure Active Directory which relies on the UserPrincipalName of objects for authentication
    • Most people will use
    • Most resource accounts use because that is the default choice when creating accounts with the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) tool
  • Shared mailbox, calendar, and other folder access is notreliable across Exchange versions
    • The details of what specific sharing scenarios work and don’twork between Exchange Online and our local Exchange 2010/2013 system are complex andnot easy to understand. This Microsoft article tries to go into the details,but it branches off into many other articles:
    • We encourage you to move shared mailboxes/calendars togetherto reduce the impact on those workflows. Free/busy information via thescheduling assistant should always work across all the different versions of Exchange.
  • My mailbox has been migrated, but I am not seeing all my stuff
    • After a successful migration, Exchange Online may still take a few hours to fully index and display the entire contents of a mailbox
  • Voicemail Rules that span multiple days
    • This feature is not supported in Exchange Online, so it is best to delete the rule before migrating the mailbox.

Skype for Business 

  • Outlook Integration Error or Exchange needs your credentials
    • After a mailbox is migrated to Exchange Online some Skype for Business clients receive a warning about Outlook integration, see exclamation marks on the Conversations tab, or a yellow bar about credentials.  Be sure to use for username.  If that doesn't help you can clear the client-side cache for Skype for Business.  
  • Lync 2010 is Prompting to download and install an MSI file from Microsoft
    • This additional software install is required to allow Lync 2010 to connect to Exchange Online  
  • Lync phone edition phones can't connect to Exchange Online
    • Office 365 will only allow TLS 1.2 connections (blocking the older SSL3, TLS 1.0/1.1) after October 2018 and currently there are no plans to update the older Lync phone edition IP phones software to support that type of secure connection. These phones will still be able to connect to our on premise Skype for Business systems, but visual voicemail, calendar access, and access to email contacts will stop working.  While the University has approximately 4,000 of these phones, currently only about 100 of these devices are connected using this protocol and using these features.

Outlook on Windows 

  • Your Exchange Administrator has Made a Change Message
    • After your mailbox is moved to Exchange Online your Outlook and every Outlook that accesses your mailbox or calendar will be prompted to restart.  This includes people that may just have your calendar listed under "Shared Calendars" in Outlook.  Outlook will prompt with this message every few minutes until it is closed and reopened.  Restarting Outlook allows it to make a new connection to the appropriate Exchange server.
  • You can no longer manage group membership from Outlook
    • Due to the one-way sync structure of UOFI AD > Azure AD group membership changes cannot be made in Outlook when the mailbox is located on Exchange Online. Alternatives are using ADUC to manage membership in UOFI AD, switch to an Office 365 group, or switch to a Sympa listserv

Outlook on Mac 

  • I get a  web based authentication box
    • Outlook for Mac uses the same modern web-based authentication portal as and supports DUO two-factor authentication.  

Outlook on Web 

  • Cannot find rooms to include in meeting invite
    • Outlook on the web does not list all rooms from the global address list by default.  Instead it uses room lists to help narrow down the choices.  You can create an AD group with all your Unit's room accounts as members and the Exchange team can mark it as a room list in Exchange.
  • Calendar publishing URLs not working
    • After your mailbox has been migrated you need to turn calendar publishing off and back on so that new URLs using can be created
  • Webmail Group Membership Management
    • Webmail Group Membership Management Outlook on the web does not permit Active Directory group management as Webmail once did. Changes to AD groups must be done within Active Directory because Office 365 does not write back changes to our campus Active Directory. 

Outlook on iOS and Android with DUO

  • Unable to setup account
    • Sometimes when using DUO push to authenticate with Outlook on iOS and Android the application gets stuck on waiting for approval even though you have pushed the approve button in DUO.  Using another method of DUO approval such as SMS or code generation is the best work around at this time.

Gmail on Android 

  • Unable to re-add account to Gmail application on Android or error about account already existing
    • The existing Exchange account needs to be removed and the cache cleared for the Gmail app before it will allow the Exchange Online account to be added successfully. 

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