Getting Started with Lecture Capture

Instructions for getting started with Lecture Capture


Engineering IT supports Echo360 as the lecture capture service for The Grainger College of Engineering.  There are currently 24 rooms in Engineering equipped with lecture recording appliances, cameras, and microphones for automated recording.  For a list of those rooms, and information about how to reserve the rooms, please visit: Grainger College of Engineering Presentation/Lecture Capture Recordings

Once you have reserved one of these rooms for your course, please email Engineering IT at to schedule Echo360 recordings of your lectures.  When submitting this recording request, please include the following information:

If you are teaching a class that is not scheduled in a room equipped for automated Echo360 recording, Engineering IT offers Echo360's PersonalCapture screen recording software for manually recording your lectures with a webcam and microphone using your desktop computer or laptop (Windows and Mac versions available). For more information, please visit 

Universal Capture: Personal is accessible through the installed desktop application using a shortcut or:

Starting a Recording with Universal Capture

To start a capture

  1. Launch Universal Capture.
  2. Log in (if not already authenticated).
  3. Select the inputs you want to capture.
    Audio is always required.
    You can select to capture display and video, two display inputs, or two video inputs besides the audio. Universal Capture will initially preselect inputs for you based on any available devices and then remember the last inputs chosen.

    Desktop application UI with no selected inputs
  4. Preview the inputs on the screen, to be sure they will record properly.
  5. Click the pencil icon or title to launch the Capture Details dialog box. Enter a Title, add a Description or Tags and select a Publishing location for the recording if desired. Otherwise, the following default information will be used:
    Capture details screen as described
    • Title: Untitled
    • Description: Blank
    • Tags: Blank
    • Publish Location: Library
      Your Library is the default publishing location when first using Universal Capture, afterwards it will remember the last Publishing location chosen.
  6. Click Record.
    A countdown appears after which the Universal Capture window minimizes and the capture begins. 
  7. When you are done, click Finish.

The recording is completed and finishes uploading to the Echo360 server to complete processing. You will receive an email notification when processing is finished. Universal Capture recordings are available for viewing and editing while processing.


Echo360 content can be integrated with your course's Compass2g LMS (Learning Management System) space.  To request a Compass2g space for your course, please visit  Once your course's Compass2g space has been created, please email Engineering IT ( so we can assist you with integrating your Echo360 recordings into that space.


In addition to Engineering's Echo360 lecture capture service, campus's Technology Services offers Kaltura Mediaspace as an alternative for uploading and publishing existing lecture media recordings.  The Mediaspace service also includes CaptureSpace screen recording software for lecture recording.  Additional documentation about Mediaspace and the CaptureSpace software can be found here.


For more information about captioning lecture recordings, please visit this page.

Some Helpful Suggestions

If you have any questions about any of these lecture capture-related services, please contact Engineering IT at