Echo 360 - Viewing Your Student Dashboard

Instructions for viewing the student dashboard in Echo 360

After logging into Echo360, your DASHBOARD appears, showing all courses in which you are enrolled, along with previews of the presentations and videos from the most recent classes.

Courses are grouped by term. The Dashboard only shows Active Term courses by default.

Use the Term drop-down list, located in the top right corner, to select a different term (or All Terms) to view. Courses for terms that have expired will be listed but grayed or dimmed on the page. They are still selectable and you can still view the content for those classes.

Within the course tile, you can see a Personal Statistics area showing the following information:

Click All Classes for a course to go to the class list page, showing a list of all classes by date and title (if one is given for the class).

Alternately, you can use the COURSES drop-down from the main navigation bar to select from courses in the Active Term. Selecting a course here takes you to the class list for the course, the same as clicking All Classes for that course.

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