EWS Labs, Remote Access, Connecting to EWS Linux with FastX

Connect to EWS Linux remotely using FastX

Use FastX to remotely connect to the EWS Linux environment. Engineering IT provides a browser-based interface as well as a desktop client.

VPN is required for FastX connections to both the browser and desktop client

  1. Connect to the campus VPN - follow the guide at https://go.illinois.edu/vpn

Connect with the browser client (recommended)

  1. Go to https://fastx.ews.illinois.edu

  2. Log in with your NetID and Active Directory password

  3. Click on "Launch Session" and choose MATE. (Your browser pop-up blocker may complain here, but you can click "Go to my session")

  4. Follow this guide to open Linux software: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois.engineering/81201

Connect with the desktop client

Download the latest FastX client:https://www.starnet.com/fastx/current-client.  Once the FastX Desktop Client is installed on your computer, follow the instructions below.

  1. Start FastX

  2. Click the 'plus' sign to add a new connection, and select “SSH”

  3. Enter the following information: (For macOS clients, use "fastx-mac.ews.illinois.edu" as the Host. Windows clients should use fastx.ews.illinois.edu as the Host.)

5. Select 'Save' after you have entered the above information

6. Double-click the connection

7. Enter your Active Directory password

8. Use the + icon to launch a new graphical session. MATE is the only available option. Double-click the MATE icon to launch the graphical session.

9. Follow this guide to open Linux software: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois.engineering/81201

Notes on EWS' FastX configuration

If you have any questions please contact ews@illinois.edu

Short URL for this page: https://go.illinois.edu/ewsfastx