Accessing Courses/Classes

If you log directly into Echo360, you probably land on the Echo360 Home page that lists all the Courses you are enrolled in (with most recent term's courses shown first). Click on one of the Course tiles to open the Class List. Then look at the earlier part of this article to see about the Class List.

Courses Home page with course tiles and navigation identified

Your Content Library

If you are or plan to use your Echo360 Content library to hold media to share with other users, to put into Groups, to share with your Instructor, or to submit for homework assignments, you will want to become familiar with the Content pages in Echo360.

From a Class List, click the Echo icon in the top left corner of the screen, then click All Content on the left.

All Content page with content tiles shown and navigation identified

This is where ALL the media you have access to OUTSIDE of a classroom lives.

It is where you can upload files to share. It is where you can go to edit these files in Echo360. It is where any copies you make of Class media shows up. It is where you can view media that other users have shared with you (specifically the Shared with me tab). It is where any captures you might create using Universal Capture: Personal will appear once they have been uploaded. And it is where media you submit for an LMS/VLE Echo360 Homework Assignment must come from. (The homework submission process allows you to upload a file or create one using UC Personal, then submit it, all in one set of steps, so you may not even need to do these things separately; but you can. And all media management is done in the Content area of Echo360.)

If you do not have the All Content/My Content/Shared with me options as shown above, your Administrator has the Student Library turned off.

Taking and Reviewing Class Notes

Notes you enter during class are synced to the video location or presentation slide you're viewing at the time so that when you go back to look at them later, you have some context for the note you entered. This can be particularly useful if your notes are cryptic or you make note of an item from the class you want to review again. (You can also just add a Bookmark to review that location, if a note is not needed.)

Taking Notes in the Classroom 

While viewing the class video or presentation, click the Notes icon to open the Notes panel. Click into the Notes panel and begin typing. Your text is entered along with the timed location of the video and/or slide number showing when you began typing your note.

When you press Enter, the current note entry completes, and a new one, with a new time/slide stamp is added. All you have to do is keep typing.

Notes icon identified with notes panel open in classroom showing notes and a bookmark as described

Every time you enter this classroom, you can open the Notes panel to see what notes you've taken and if necessary, click into and edit those notes.

You can also click the Bookmark icon from the Classroom Toolbar to bookmark a video or slide location to return to later.

Reviewing your Study Guide

From the Class List page, click the Study Guide tab. This allows you to see the notes you've taken for each class (use the drop-down to select a class), and add to or edit them if necessary. You can also enter general notes about the course, not associated with any particular class. Any discussion posts (Q&A) you have added to any class also appear in your study guide, along with any other peoples' posts you may have bookmarked. 

Only you can see the notes in your study guide, although the Instructor does know if you are taking notes through the Echo360 interface.

Study Guide page with class list drop-down open and notes showing as described